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    Animal protein source for my Redfoot and my MEP

    I wasn't sure @Kapidolo Farms would approve until I saw a similar thread at the bottom of this one, where it sounds like occasional boiled eggs get a thumbs up? It is very common here to give Manouria Emys boiled quail eggs with the shell on. This was also recommended by the vet that...
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    There are many aldabras on the market here. No need to import. The price for a hatchling is 20-30 million IDR, around 1/5th the price of in the US before you even start thinking about shipping or customs tax. Check the JLF (jual Lelang Fauna) App, or join some kura kura groups on Facebook to...
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    uk foraging for weeds plants pesticide free??

    I don't think woodlands in the UK are routinely subject to aerial spraying. They sometimes are in response to a specific threat, e.g. to attempt to reduce the spread of an invasive European beetle. I lived at the edge of 2 large woodlands in the Midlands and we would have noticed aerial spraying...
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    We should consider a UVB meter as mandatory

    Agreed, not useful for me, but I just wanted to share that product in case it would be of help to a new indoor keeper. I have actually been advertised one of these this morning that at least claims to measure lamp uvb, and is available in the US, albeit at 16x the price of the generic Chinese...
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    We should consider a UVB meter as mandatory

    I have a forest species who are always outside, so this isn't my area of expertise, but I went to check if a uvb meter is any cheaper here (they're not) and came across these. A potential better than nothing solution for those on a budget, or a potentially dangerous waste of time?
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    HELP!! Are tortoises sensitive to loud noises?

    That does not sound like a pleasant experience for your tort. Definitely worth moving it if they are using heavy machinery as close as you describe. I suspect tortoises are fairly tolerant of noise though. I'm not sure it's stressed to the point of near death. They do not use sound as a form...
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    What's in that leaf, grocery and garden, published nutrient list.

    Potentially as an indicator. It's organic and could be isolated from inorganic pollutants quite easily. I suspect completely impractical for most use cases though. Different species have mature stamen for different lengths of time, with some having much more time to collect pollution than...
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    What's in that leaf, grocery and garden, published nutrient list.

    Pollen is sticky by nature and collects particulate pollution from the air. Probably in completely insignificant amounts but perhaps worth mentioning. I certainly don't think honey fortified with pollen is worth the premium that my partner does anyhow.
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    Wild Turtle Laying Eggs

    I love the way that after every egg, they excitedly reach back with their legs to 'see' what they just produced and move it into an acceptable position.
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    Block of chestnut wood safe?

    Also not good for humans, although you can take small amounts as a supplement for circulation. Efficacy debatable. Luckily none of these animals are inclined or really able to eat horse chestnuts. They are essentially stones. They are very common in the UK where we call them conkers. Some...
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    Autoplaying TF sticky ad

    Thanks everyone!
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    Autoplaying TF sticky ad

    Thanks ZP, No need to bother Josh with that. Subscribing does indeed get rid of it. @Josh can I instead bother you with changing my username, as I'll now be stuck with it for 5 years? I think I expected to choose a display name after signing up so went for a username that gives away a little...
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    Autoplaying TF sticky ad

    Would it be possible to not have this playing for logged in users? We know how great the forum is already ;) It takes up a third of my screen until I close it and has been appearing on every single thread the last couple of days. The close button also takes a little while to appear meaning it...
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    Washing my tortoise

    I gave mine all a light scrub earlier, with some facial cotton and warm water. Amazing to see how grubby the white cotton gets, but otherwise a rag would be better as the cotton likes to get snagged on the shell and leave fluffy bits that need picking off. They seem to enjoy it though, when I...
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    Help: ID this turtles please??

    Yes, there are reputable breeders of Emys too, but they all export to the US. While the price here is < 800k per adult, there is no possibility that CB individuals will be released to the local market. Funnily enough I was in contact with an elongated breeder, maybe one of the ones you know...