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    What types of tortoises do you own? Favorites?

    I have a 4 year-old Redfoot. Name is Oliver but pretty sure a girl. Will always be a he to me. He whistles at me and comes out when I call. No doubt looking for food, lol! He has a big private yard and is spoiled rotten. In the few cold months we have here in coastal SC, he either stays on the...
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    Sick Redfoot

    Thank you
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    Sick Redfoot

    Thank you. I believe there may have been some other issue going on. It came on suddenly and my vet is an exotic so she did all the right stuff for. Also, I have 3 others that are healthy and happy raised in the same environment so don’t feel that was at issue. Sometimes in the animal world...
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    Sick Redfoot

    Unfortunately Chloe passed away yesterday. She seemed to improving last week, even ate a few bites but regressed Thursday and Friday, definitely going downhill. I had upped her temperature, and covered her with a grow tent. She had 2 shots left and I planned on a trip back to the vet tomorrow...
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    Sick Redfoot

    Thanks, I am soaking daily. I will add a CHE over her at night. In the daytime it is sunny and 75 or more in her outdoor yard. It stays 75-80 in the garage with space heaters but I will add the extra heat for her. I was just concerned with the not eating. Last week she perked up a little and ate...
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    Sick Redfoot

    Thanks. Yes will take her back to vet if no eating soon. My main question is whether it can take the antibiotics this long to show improvement?
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    Sick Redfoot

    No she hasn’t. I have tried all that except watermelon. She won’t touch it. I will try some watermelon today
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    Sick Redfoot

    I have a 4 year-old Redfoot, live in SC so very humid and warm. She is outside with my other three but in separate yards. Only in the garage at night in a concrete mixing tub with heat when it is 59, like tonight. Garage is insulated and stays 75-80. All three others are healthy and fine. She...
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    Daitomaceous earth for red black ants

    Here in SC we use dry grits. It works but can take a few applications. I use the food grade DE and it has worked for my tortoise yards.
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    Is anyone literally in this Facebook chat?

    You can lead a horse to Water but you can’t make him drink. You can lead a human to knowledge but you can’t make them think. One of my favorite sayings
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    Sulcata in bathroom

    You can get horse mats at Tractor Supply that look just like the black mats above
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    Almost impossible to purchase a freaking tortoise!!!

    I would go with Ryan from
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    Temporary foster (a couple of years)

    I can probably help you. I am in Charleston SC and currently own 4 Redfoots and 3 Florida box turtle hatchlings (I will be selling 2 of those and one going to a friend.) my tortoises stay in my insulated heated garage in the winter but plan to have a heated this this fall. During the warm months...
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    Rate my enclosure

    Those sago palms are toxic, make sure he can’t reach any of the fronds
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    Sulcata stopped drinking water

    I agree. I use the Zoomed Forest Tortoise for my Redfoots. They love it and it has better ingredients imo