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    How many torts do you have?

    I have a Greek tortoise and a Hermann, who are both around 5-6 years old. :)
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    I took some crummy pictures of the xray with my cellphone. No uroliths, but no answers either. I'm worried about this kid. :/
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    Was he in direct sunlight, though? An air temperature of 70 is much different than a group temperature of 70! (The air would be cooler, if the group temp is 70) My greek had bubbles from overheating occasionally when he was much smaller. Best thing to do is make sure to keep them in a nice shady...
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    Luckily there doesn't seem to be any vitamin A toxicity going on. Her activity definitely picked up, she's eating a little, and I've seen her try to use her back legs a few times. Unfortunately there has been no repeat in urinating or defecating, so we're back to the vet for xrays tomorrow. She...
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    Your Hermanns daily routine/personality

    My female Hermanns, Falafel, is actually super active in comparison to my Greek! She is housed outdoors during the nice months, and this time of year she spends a lot of her day climbing the sides of her pen, and wandering around. She digs quite a bit, too. She comes out around 9am when I'm...
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    I think you may be right about that! I hadn't looked very critically at sex, yet. We are back from the vet! Frankie (name she was surrendered with) has eliminated, so the vet isn't concerned enough about kidney stones to do an xray at this point. We'll revisit the possibility in a few weeks at...
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    Luckily, I have ceramic heat emitters in spades. I soaked him, and got him some fresh greens & a bit of chicken I pilfered from a coworkers lunch. Best I can do before I take him home tomorrow evening! Including some pictures, one of the enclosure he was surrendered in.
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    Like Pearly - I suspect that the lack of function is due to MBD. He will very slightly pull back if I tug on his feet, but nothing like on a healthy tort. As to the age - are they slow growers then? I've just measured, and it's only slightly under 6" SCL. I was planning to use the sun, as it's...
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks for the advice! I am not planning on keeping him/her, I just want to get it on the road to recovery. When it first arrived at the shelter, it had quite a large amount of clear ocular discharge, which makes me worry about URI. I tried to show in the pictures, it's not the whole plastron...
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    Severely Malformed Redfoot (Pic Heavy)

    Hi friends and neighbors! It's been ages (years) since I've last posted, which in a way is a good thing? All has been status quo with personal torts, so I haven't had much need to post. I have a male greek tortoise, and a female Hermann's. They are peachy. I am the foster coordinator of my...
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    Does anyone have a futon

    I slept on a futon for years. In my opinion, it's nice to have as a day bed, but not a primary one. Think of how frequently people buy new beds in comparison to how much they use yourself some rough nights and sore backs and put out the dollars for a very nice bed, I think.
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    do you think its ok to change your name?

    I changed my name! Went by "Katie" short for Katherine for the vast majority of my life so far, and a few years back I decided to switch to my middle name, Alexis. A lot of close friends and family will be awful to you about it, but if you are persistent, they will adjust. I would say I am...
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    When to take them inside?

    Is 65 the lowest it gets, including nighttime? If so, he should be fine being out the whole while. They can tolerate some low temperatures, provided they have the ability to warm back up within a reasonable time-frame.
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    who wants $5...?

    Is she a Baboon tarantula? I'm racking my brain for the bigger species...
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    my beta made a bubble nest

    He is a beautiful fish! One of mine made a fine bubble nest last week, but I ruthlessly ruined it during his water change. No repeat performance. )-: