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    Should I try to force feed

    my tort isn't crazy about dandelion or red leaf - only eats kale if there isn't anything else lol ... romaine and cactus ( find a Mexican/ latin store and ask for "nopales"- they are inexpensive and last in the fridge for months ) are his favorite ...depending on what he might have been used to...
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    growing food ... supplements?

    I do a lot of wheat grass for my cats but ...the tort has yet to try it ... I offered it young and tender and just put the entire pot in the enclosure - but so far no luck ... I hope I have better luck with some broad leaf weeds
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    growing food ... supplements?

    I have a 3 months old baby russian and live in a winter cold, high altitude state. Frost came early and my garden weeds are dead so ... I am considering growing some food for my baby. Does anyone here have experience with the seed mixes advertised for tortoises ( like from Carolina Pet Supply...
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    Please help! Our baby Russian is struggling!

    I just lost my dog ... at age 16 ... after 13 beautiful years with me and have a few others that are old or sick ... and can relate ... I am sorry for your loss! Making those tough calls is the hardest part about having pets!!! I have kept and bred many animals and sometimes babies don't thrive...
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    Baby Russian Sleeping Too Much?

    my baby hides a lot as well - my exotics vet - a fellow tortoise person ... thought there is no concern as long as the baby is not loosing weight, eats with gusto when offered ( dug out, warmed up, placed in front of food) and is alert and bright eyed while eating. Lots of babies want to brumate...
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    Please help! Our baby Russian is struggling!

    I am so sorry about the news from the vet! From what I have read ... sometimes babies don't thrive ... in nature many would not survive and while we can control their environment in captivity ... even with the best care ... some might have failure to thrive ... I love your bins and will steal...
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    Please help! Our baby Russian is struggling!

    if you are having humidity issues ... I live at a very dry place... I use about 3-4 inches of coconut coir that I keep moist ... it takes pouring several cups of water onto the substrate daily- misting alone will not keep it moist enough where I am. I also use sphagnum moss piles that I spray...
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    Tortoise Salmonella

    it is possible from a medical/ scientific standpoint that salmonella survive for several hours after they left their host ... they won't usually survive very long on surfaces like hardwood or carpet but still it is possible ... For that reason I would not let my tortoise roam especially if wild...
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    Waterland tortoise tub

    I looked at the waterline tubs in a local reptile store and found them only slightly larger than a Christmas tree tote ( the lid can me modified ) but much heavier and more expensive.
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    our new Carol baby

    We have a new baby :-) This beautiful, 2.5 months old russian hatchling joined our family 2 days ago. He/she is from Carol S. and we are already in love with our "Turtwig". I am amazed how fearless this little one is: he eats from our hands, doesn't seem to mind us standing around watching him...
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    Carol S.- great!

    I just bought a hatchling from Carol S. It was an excellent experience! Communication with the seller was prompt and all my questions were answered. We chose a hatchling that is about 2.5 months old. I loved that Carol keeps the babies for a little while until they are at least a few months old...
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    Christmas Tree totes ... available now

    I tried to find one last year a few weeks before Christmas and nothing- they told me they wouldn't have them at the stores here ( and I did never see any) .... mine apparently shipped from CA - I was about to drive an hour to the nearest container store and pay twice as much ... There must be a...
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    Christmas Tree totes ... available now

    I just ordered am IRIS Christmas tree totes at Walmart .... I never know when the next little rescue tort will stop by ... great large boxes for a great price ... I hope a lot of people will buy them as otherwise I am worried they won't make them anymore and they are my favorite animal rehab -...
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    Sam's indoor enclosure

    aww ... I am so glad he found a good home with you ! My girl loves loves food ... juicy Red Wiggler worms, wiggly larvae and meal worms and re-hydrated crickets ( I am highly allergic to live ones ... so I have to get them freeze dried and put them in water for about an hour before feeding )...
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    rescue Boxie - what is next?

    great advice - thank you!! I will weigh her and see that I at least have a few readings before winter gets here ... so far she was able to spend this entire week outside ... daytime only as it does get colder at night ... I take her inside at night and our house is a pretty constant 70 degrees...