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    Kenan Red Foots!

    Just a thought but you might find they eat more by chopping up the greens & grating the carrot.
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    Question regarding Cherry head tortoise growth

    Hello SMK, I think they are like comparing human children growth, you can't really compare. My Sheldon at 2 3/4 inches was 68 grams. A little heavy than yours, however at 5 inches he weighed 457 grams, a little less than yours. He is now 7 yrs old, 7 inches long & 4.2 lbs. And currently has...
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    Tree/Plant ID please

    I found it. By looking at the leaves it reminded me of variegated ginger without so much of the yellow on the leaves. It is a Hawaiian red ginger plant. Can't find it on Tortoise table though. Could always put it some place else in the yard. Thanks Maro2bear for your response.
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    Tree/Plant ID please

    That thought had occurred to me, my childhood home had a bottle brush tree in the front yard. But this plant holds the red part upward, not dangling downward like I'm used to seeing with a bottlebrush tree. That was why some kind of bromeliad came to mind.....
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    Tree/Plant ID please

    Hello, I saw this plant in some landscaping at an outdoor eating restaurant a few days ago. I have some landscaping to do in the future for Sheldon's enclosure & I am hoping it would be suitable. But I don't know what it is. Can someone please ID ? It's the plant with the red on the top. It...
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    Can I get some help sexing my redfoots?

    Great pic & handsome torts. One of them might flash you & then you'll have verification of being male. Sheldon was about 4 yrs old when we knew.
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    HELP!!!!! Redfoot whistling! Need some opinions!

    Hello, I can understand you being a concerned tort momma. I have never experienced any health issues with my Sheldon so in that regard you describing blowing liquid out his nose sounded alarming. Traveling can be rough, maybe somehow you can hide a wet sponge someplace in his travel carrier so...
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    Is 7 inch cherry head male of breeding age?

    Just my 2 cents but the tail looks short for a 7 inch cherryhead.
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    All about your tortoise... (no photos allowed)

    Sheldon, loves to soak, has lots of personality. Saved his life twice, has bad tendency of trying to eat mulch. The last time i gently pulled out a piece from his mouth that was twice as long as his neck was wide. Not cool. That's his bad habit. Feed him lots of variety foods. Favorite foods...
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    Worried! Feral cats! Should we make a wire "lid" for expanded outdoor enclosure?

    You are not alone. I padlock Sheldons house also. 🤗
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    Worried! Feral cats! Should we make a wire "lid" for expanded outdoor enclosure?

    Yes, you are right. Better safe than sorry. We have all sorts of wildlife around and Sheldons outside cage looks like Alcatraz! That is my nickname for it. I too am preparing for a larger area and the house is getting painted, so I am waiting. Maybe your area could have a several wire tops...
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    Rosies Getting big 😁🐢

    Nice ! She has grown ! :<3::tort:
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    Wild Iguanas at Markham Park Florida

    I saw this guy on Tuesday. Not fond of them, but he was impressive to see.