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    New Redfoot

    Welcome! I live in Alberta, so I know what you mean about the cold summer nights. Not knowing whether it helps or not, how I take care of my torts: I try to duplicate the outside, inside. Find critters that don't fly or climb to well to cycle your soils. I use an array of grow lights to...
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    I'm wanting to get a Redfoot!

    Gods, I love your posts. Way to promote research and learning. Breath of fresh air in this forum every time. Look up this guy's references, always a good read.
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    How often do you change substrate and substrate alernatives

    I never really change the substrate. I mix and stir every couple months. I keep a live subsystem at all times, which seems to make the poop vanish in no time. Plenty of plants and omnivorous crap eating critters, including worms, pill bugs, millipedes and of course centipedes to keep the...
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    WE GOT EGGS! ....

    Man I hope you mean F, not C. :P
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    Backyard Tort Action

    Finally moved from the 3rd floor apartment to a home with a real life yard, and shed to boot! Took Horace and Penny out for a romp. I was in luck in buying this place. Instead of grass, they allowed clover and dandelion to take over. Needless to say, this is like a yard filled with leafy drugs...
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    Beauty tort. As for tort sizes: "It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it!" :P
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    Red foot size?

    Based on my torts age/size I'd say 5" is in the ball park of 3 years. My 5" is 3 or so years old and my 10" is about 7 or so.
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    6/24/10 birthdays

    Yay! I'm popular! Thanks All! "Only 27"? So what? I come across as a crotchety old man or something? :P
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    He's Arrived

    RE: Hes Arrived I woulda thunk he was older than 10 days by far. More like 2ish months... maybe? Unless he's a HUGE hatchling who snorked his yolk back fast. But I'm no expert by any stretch. Healthy lookin'. I hear the best thing for youngin's is to stick to a schedule and leave them be for...
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    Many feeder supply places (mouse feeders, crickets, rats, worms, etc...) here in Alberta and over in British Columbia also sell prickly pear, fresh picked, and bagged whole. Fairly good price for the quantity you get, but I'm waiting for another reptile show to pick some up myself.
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    Let him hide or make him eat?

    I typically pull my smaller ones out if they aren't already romping out to the food. The bigger ones tend to leave nothing behind but unruly large pieces of food that the lil'uns have a real tough time chasing around, if they leave anything at all. If they seem scared and stay tucked into their...
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    Red Foots Eye Help

    I've had my smallest tort for 12 months now, and funny enough, his right eye will not open either. It was closed when I purchased him, and has remained that way ever since. Left eye is fine, but right eye still closed. He had a rough start to life, but has always been happy and healthy here...
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    Shell rot question....

    Looks like marbling to me.
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    redfoot personalities

    I've noticed that between my two 6 year old torts, Penny is more goal orientated, eat first, ask questions later. Whereas Horace usually won't dive into the greens until she can't see me anymore. Always more curious about what's happening outside the terrarium. He will usually crank his head up...
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    Herd Update

    Thanks for all the comments. Indeed she is a beautiful snake. I had no idea how timid a snake could be until I met a Colombian rainbow boa. None of their natural prey comes close to tortoises. Indeed there are a vast array of snakes that enjoy torts from wee little ones to large ones that get...