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    Hi all been gone awhile, I had to reset my password from one that was sent to me through here cause it wouldn't accept my old one. Now for the life of me and after 45 minutes of searching TFO I cannot find how to set it to something other than the weird one I was sent. Frustrated and its...
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    Wow, this is hard to read. :(
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    Gulpping Red Foot

    Hi Yvonne, still kicking eh? :) Nice to know. Hope things are good with you. Still have all those critters, and Bob ? I hope ....
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    Gulpping Red Foot

    Hello there, haven't visited here in a long time, now today twice :) My 20 yr old RF Jack has been making some gulping sounds, he seems to be swallowing quite dramatically. I have a video, but can't figure out how to post anything. This site is all changed around! I will see if he eats tomorrow...
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    Female Leopard Tortoise

    Hi all, I did sell my adult leopard, located in Belchertown. Thread is "locked" and I cannot adjust. Could someone help, or just delete listings? Thank you. Nadine
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    Female Leopard Tortoise

    Adult leopard, about 15 years old Have had over 10 myself. Eats great, outside all summer. Approx 11-12 inches long. Just downsizing a little. Looking to get closest to 1000. Reposting as it seems replies have been closed? Not sure what that means, plus I was able to figure out how to add a...
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    Female Leopard Tortoise

    Beautiful Adult Leopard,about 11 inches. Shes about 15 years old. I have had her about 9 years, she eats very well and weighs a solid maybe 8 lbs.A little shy as they are but warms up. Located in Mass, but could ship. She has laid eggs before but has never been with a male.Can't seem to upload...
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    Egg bound question

    So my Leopard, who seems to have a history of not wanting to pass her eggs, did it again this Jan. Xrays showed 4 eggs, did the calicum injection then the Oxytocin, 3 were laid. Waited a day, she was still digging away and another Oxy injection. NOthing. now it's 4 days later, she's eating like...
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    boxies up for adoptions

    Hi all. Been scarce sorry. Happy to report the boxies ended up with a fantastic new home. I would love to repost the place they are living, it was sent in my email. Anyone walk me through how to get it posted here? Everyone is very happy, thanks for the responses.
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    WHAT IS THIS???!!!!!!???!?!?

    I am anxiously awaiting response!!!
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    Would you spend $5000 on a Galapagos tortoise hatchling?

    RE: Would you spend $5000 on a Galapagos tortoise hatchling? I am about to buy 2. Yikes!! Well if it's your dream, you feel good about the purchase place, have the accomodations, and it won't keep food from the youn'ns mouth, hey go for it, you only live once!!Just make sure to keep posting...
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    Help me.?? (tortoises and pregnant women)

    RE: Help me.???? :( I would have to say, probably many Dr's might recommend stupid things, one of which could be what the OP posted. I can remember when the whole cat box issue become so popular. I was livid. I have worked for vets forever,,,, and when I became pregnant the Dr's were sure I...
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    boxies up for adoptions

    Ok well update, got a call from the person who has these guys, wants to know if I will take them for sure now? (Hope my link posted) Anyone? I am in MAss.
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    Chuy has arrived!

    Looks fabulous!!! Nice enclosure and healthly looking little guy for having been shipped!!
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    Type and health of Boxies?

    Oh both have that tiny little stub tail. We were trying to see if their tails were any different sex wise, as they assumed since there was eggs they had to have a male and female. Tiny fat almost inverted tails. Yup. and I thought so puffy too.. takers??? I am in Mass, and could probably help...