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    Here we go again...

    Very nice. One of my favorite species hope to work with them someday
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    Family "ghost" stories?

    Yeah I won't allow dolls in my house now because of that lol and kinda but it was almost like in the blink of a eye one min full sun bam next it's setting. I felt kinda dazed like I was spacing out day dreaming till I woke up the next day
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    Family "ghost" stories?

    I have 2 stories that I cant explain and everyone calls me crazy for The first was when I was about 7 or 8 my sister collected those glass faced China dolls while watching cartoons as a kid one of those dolls slide out of my sister's room and crashed into the hall wall when I was the only one...
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    What waterproof sealer do I use

    I only know of latex base drylok masonry waterproofer that is safe once cured not exactly designed to stick to wood but it will. You'll need a few coats of it tho
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    Red foot male in Oregon?

    Where are you located in oregon if you don't mind me asking? I'm in medford and can help look around. I have a red I don't know the sex of yet he'll (I say he lol) will be 4 March 4th
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    help with my baby cherry head

    He needs time to acclimate to its new surroundings it can take awhile. But what are your temps and humidity?
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    Redfoots Diet

    Having a mixed variety Is the best I go for cactus supermarket greens but have to watch spinach amount I also grow tortoisesupply broadleaf mix which he eats a lot of along with mazuri and a bunch of others mixed in The fruit thing confused me to at first the best way I do it is think of it...
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    Last Mango baby-outstanding

    That is a very beautiful baby. If I ever have room for another I'll be coming to you lol
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    Burned Off or Damaged Carapace Scutes

    Sadly people do tether they're torts if you ever watch a movie from the 60s-early 80s that has a tort in it most of the time they're tethered or you can at least see the hole where they were
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    Do you like to talk on the phone?

    I'm a texter I couldn't talk on the phone even if I wanted to being deaf My mom is the only one who tries to talk with me on the phone and it generally goes something like this Mom: hey I need your help with yard work at my house. Me: mom just text me I can't hear you Mom: (gets a little...
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    UVB & heat for closed chamber

    The t5ho fixture is used was meant as a grow light so it had hanging hooks just swapped the bulb for a reptile uvb one
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    UVB & heat for closed chamber

    Yea you won't find arcadia on Amazon buy you can find t5 10.0 there Do you mean for my light cords to go through or the screws through the plywood to secure it to the frame? if you mean plywood to frame I just predrilled my holes before using screws so the wood wouldn't crack if you mean the...
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    UVB & heat for closed chamber

    Yes a fixture like that but you can get them cheaper at a hardware store if you need them And yes they could all be ordered off Amazon but might run a little more that way I definitely got my t5 ho fixture off Amazon it was impossible to find locally any t5ho fixture should do for any t5 ho...
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    C&C and Coroplast

    Is it like pvc sheets used in making plastic cages ? Been looking for something like that
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    UVB & heat for closed chamber

    CHE is a ceramic heat emitter it heats the air without any light looks like this but comes in different colors They need porcelain or ceramic based fixtures tho they get HOT