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    New Red Foot- Need Advice

    I just want to say that it takes a very humble and selfless human to realize that a creature can be better served by someone else. Too often people come to this forum looking for “advice,” only to reject the sage recommendations offered by incredibly knowledgeable keepers. It is a truly kind...
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    Temporary Outdoor Enclosure

    As far as the hosta plant goes, it depends upon which cultivar it is. Hostas range in size from tiny to 3-4 feet when flowering. Do you have a particular one in mind? If you post the name of the one you’re looking to buy, I could give you a more precise answer.
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    New Tort Parent | Red foot hatchling

    @ZEROPILOT is the person that can really help here. Enjoy your your new edition!
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    Hide Box w Recessed Ceramic Tracy for Humidity

    It’s pretty small...
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    Giving Day!

    I support the Galapagos Conservancy through Amazon Smile.
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    Fire hardened wood

    I too have a second level in my Russian tortoise’s PVC enclosure. I created a free standing platform using PVC board. The legs are PVC pipe that are inserted into PVC caps that were attached to the underside of the platform using PVC glue. It was incredibly simple and impervious to moisture.
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    Kiki finally moves in!

    What a creative tort house!
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    Is my Russian tortoise dead?Help

    So heartbreaking. I’m so so sorry for your loss.
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    Help! Tortoise age and shell health

    Welcome to TFO! There are several of us that use cold pressed virgin coconut oil on our tort’s shells. I just use a little after a soak (once he’s dabbed dry with a towel) about once a month. Use a paper towel or a piece of t-shirt to rub a small amount all over the carapace, and then wipe off...
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    My tortoise has buried himself over 8 feet deep

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know I will be holding you close to my heart.
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    My russian tortiose wont eat

    The care sheet was posted in post #2 above. Good luck!
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    Reptile cage from New Egg??

    It says it is by NEW AGE PET. A Google search turns up this...
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    Opinions/Advice on Updated Enclosure & Care

    I too realized after finding this forum that I had been doing things wrong while also making too much work for myself! My Russian is sooooo much happier, active and hydrated. I would advise a beak trim however. It will make eating less of a chore for Tommy.
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    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    Give this a read and then come back with questions. It is quite thorough and should get you started in the right direction.
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    Food sources

    Will they eat gypsy moth caterpillars as well?