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    Hello from a new tortoise keeper in the UK (Oxfordshire)

    Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new shell baby!
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    Hi, from Shell-E and her human in South East Texas

    Welcome to the forum! Shell-E is a cutie!
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    Just starting to research tortoises

    Welcome to the forum! There is a ton of great info here that will help you learn everything you need to know about tortoises. Be sure to check the tabs at the top for species info, housing and feeding info, etc. If you are looking for a great tortoise that won't get too large to be kept in an...
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    Thank you and hello from Maryland

    Welcome to the forum! Baby sullys are the cutest thing ever, and they are really sociable as well. You will love watching her grow!
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    I’m old and slow, much like a tortoise.

    Hahahah! I can relate to the old and slow thing. That's why I get along with the tortoises so well! LOL Welcome to the forum!
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    Comment by 'MPappagallo' in media 'Possible enclosure?'

    @LaSunshine I'm no expert, but I have always thought that a display case would be a great option for a tortoise enclosure while the tortoise was small. Just make sure the flooring is waterproof....put vinyl floor or somethign in to line it...and make sure you keep the humidity and temps right...
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello all!!

    Welcome to the forum! Check out the species tab at the top of the page for lots of great info about sullys! Be sure to post some pics of your new shell baby! We love seeing everyone's torties!
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    New member from dallas, tx

    Welcome to the forum! What a cute little baby! I am sure your kids will love it! Be sure to check out the species tab at the top of the page for lots of great info about redfoots. Best of luck to you!
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    the new "what do you look like" thread

    This is me...wearing make-up for a change! LOL
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    Hello from so cal

    Welcome to the forum! Your leopard is a real cutie! Check the species tab at the top of the page for lots of great info about their care and housing needs! Enjoy!
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    Hello from SW-FL

    Welcome to the forum! Redfoots are a great choice for your area! They have great personalities and are very sociable. Best of luck to you!
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    Tortoise hatchling budging his arms and feet?

    Yes....they do that when they are breathign normally.....Usually it is both front legs....Nothign to worry about at all! :)
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    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to the forum! Russians are great torties...very sturdy and lots of personality! Enjoy!