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    Jupiter Still Won't Eat

    My Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Jupiter, still won't eat. Whenever he sheds, he will stop eating, and I know that is sort of normal. But this time around, he quit eating even after his shed cycle was finished. We bumped up the humidity in his cage to help with the shedding issues, and he still is...
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    Eating Problems

    I've been keeping the humidity up since I noticed his cloudy eyes, I mist every night and the temp is around 90. I found a long strip that was mostly complete along with a smaller stubby strip that covered the areas the first didn't. I thought he was done, but when we offered him food next, he...
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    Eating Problems

    Okay, a little while ago I got a snake. It's a Brazilian Rainbow Boa, and he's still pretty small. We've had him for probably for little under a month. He started shedding last week, and he didn't eat. This week I offered some food, and he still didn't eat. He looked almost done, we found his...
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    Lots of snakes and lizards!

    Is the third one a Brazilian Rainbow Boa? I love those! Great pics, by the way. :tort:
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    Small Snake Species List

    Okay, so I was talking to my family and they all agreed it would be okay to get a snake as long as it was a smaller one. Nothing like an Anaconda (well, that's obvious;)) but realistically nothing like a Columbian Boa or anything that gets over you know, like eight feet. So that really...
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    Owners of Leopard Geckos, Please Help?

    It appears you've got some good advice already. But here is what I know: Your substrate shouldn't be anything loose like sand, it is easy for them, especially young ones, to swallow some and block up there bowels and stuff, which leads to death. You should have two hides, one on your warm side...
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    Albino Leopard Gecko

    Hi there! Yes, I am still around, things just have been busy and I haven't been able to log on and check stuff out. Anyways, when we went to the pet store to pick up crickets for my leopard gecko, Incognito early and when I was glancing at the other leopard geckos I saw this one with red eyes...
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    Motley Boa

    Thanks, sure does. Now thinking about it, she did have sort of a reddish brown, maybe almost black tail.
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    Ball Python Morphs

    Sweet, thanks. I found that right after I posted this thread. But it still helps, because I couldn't really remember the website.
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    Motley Boa

    Okay. Gotta ask, any more info? I just want to know the basics. How big, how fussy they get with food, how aggressive they are, what is is the level of diffiulty to keep them, so on and so forth. Also, just out of curiosity, what is a good price for them? I keep finding that they are the...
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    Ball Python Morphs

    I have heard that for ball pythons that there are way too many morphs to list... But I was wondering if someone would be willing to list a few with pictures and we can from that construct a list. Thanks...Good Luck!:P
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    Motley Boa

    Okay, when we went in to get crickets for my gecko, Incognito, there weren't any at the usual place we go, so we went to the next one. There were only large there...and he eats small. So then, we got to the last petshop that we know of in town, and they have the right size. While we were...
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    Gopher Snakes

    Love the woma pictures, Taylor! Okay, I know this probably isn't in the top fifty beginner snakes list...well maybe in the last twenty or so...anyways: I think the green tree boa is really pretty. (I hear it boa and python all the time, so I am not sure which, I think there is a species of...
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    Gopher Snakes

    Is this what you are talking about? It didn't look quite like a python to me, but never hurts to ask. To me it looks like a blackheaded kingsnake. Again, newbie to world of snakes. (If I insult anyone because of my cluelessness [spelling?] I am sorry) If it isn't a blackheaded python...
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    !First Shed Alert!

    Okay, false alarm. I don't think he is shedding. I think it was just because of the bad lighting I had that I thought it was white and flaky, he was normal. I let my imagination get to me. He can go into the moist hide whenever he wants, he just did it the first time today because his other...