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    Dealer says it's a boy what do you guys say?

    I'd be happy to trade one of my trio of adult males for one of your females. Let me know if interested.
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    Baby Start Tortoise very weak and not eating

    Did it work? Did the little guy survive ? I've got a four month old star that is showing the same signs and I'm running out of things to try to bring it back to health.
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    How to raise a Healthy Star Tortoise.

    So why is it that virtually every recommendation is against keeping hatchlings in terrariums? It looks to me like your (Tom's) setups are essentially glass fronted enclosed terrariums. This is very confusing to us novices.
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    Raising humidity leopard eggs

    I've used those same temp/humidity meters adn sometimes they get stuck - give it a firm tap or two to move the needles and they will usually reset to the actual temp adn humidity - I suspect thats whats going on here
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    Hello - I was referred to you as the expert in Redfoots. I've had a 20-year old female just...

    Hello - I was referred to you as the expert in Redfoots. I've had a 20-year old female just deposit eggs in a shallow nest and wondering if it is avisable to let them sit in that nest site for a week or so as I do my sulcatas and leopards? I would like to maximize the likelihood of a successful...
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    first clutch

    She may have laid previously and I just missed it, but this is the first year she exhibited that restless nest searching behavior all day before finally deciding on a suitable spot. She seemed to have a lot of trouble getting that first egg out - took forever and I nearly intervened to pop the...
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    Eggs were buried for several days before I found them!

    Is there any wisdom wit redfoots whether they do better leaving in ground for days or weeks versus putting in incubator right away? Just had my female red foot lay for first time today and wondering whether I should treat them the same as my leopard torts eggs?
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    Update on no eyes

    I had a little leopard tort hatch with no eyes - named him Stevie-Ray, but he didn't make it past a couple months unfortunately
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    first clutch

    My 20 year old female red foot laid for first time today. I have two equally large males with her. I don't know how many eggs yet since I'm going to leave them in ground for a week before placing in incubator. I'm familiar and successful hatching sulcatas and leopards but have never had red foot...
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    Can I reuse vermiculite?

    I understand that a lot of vermiculite has asbestos associated with it when mined. That is probably why it's harder to find than perlite now
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    How long to leave in the ground?

    Does anyone know how long to leave red foot eggs in the ground before transferring to the incubator? I've hatched many sulcatas and leopard but this is the first time my red foots have reproduced
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    Leopard Eggs

    Funny coincidence that I have a female leopard who laid 4 clutches this year also - Jan, Feb, Mar, April and the January ones just started hatching today! I had almost given up on them since a previous female (her mother actually) used to lay eggs that hatched at around 90 days like clockwork...
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    Leopard female with chin lumps

    Treating her for the eye irritation as well - may be due to irrigation water flowing into yard.
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    Male Leopard Tortoise: So. Cali:

    I have several male redfoots and sulcatas, both male and female to trade for your male leopard. Live in Phoenix and San Diego, so exchange would not be difficult. Let me know.