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    For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata...

    Tom a five year old sulcata kept in high humidity and feed on grass hay. y .
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Everyone knows Snapping turtles don't bask. LOL I know mine sure do . They'll bite your fingers off to if given the chance.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    Some times you feel like having company ,some times you don't,then some times you wanna see people go what tha!
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    We all have our problems. Just don't let them hold me down . When you've had enough you just gotta twist a throttle . You know how that goes. Some times you gotta pack up and hit the road for a few days. Then life is more enjoyable.
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    Pretend Chat 2.14

    What's up Maggie ? I haven't been on here in a few days .lol I'm alive and kicking .
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    African sideneck turtles

    Sidenecks are freaking awesome ! Some pictures for your enjoyment . Box turtles are freaking funny little guys . If you don't have one you should . But don't take from the wild .
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    Easy red foot enclosure .

    Hey you were
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    Easy red foot enclosure .

    Ceramic heat emitter ( C.H.E.) if you cover the enclosure you would probably only need two .The soil ( coconut fiber ) is great . Everything else is good . I would cover the enclosure and out the ceramic heat emitters on a thermostat. I would also switch out the uvb lamps with the t8 or t5 5.0...
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    Easy red foot enclosure .

    Would be good for a adult red foot . There's a few things I didn't like in the video. The gauges he is using are no good. Red foots don't need to be on wet soil they're prone to shell rot issues. You keep humidity up by covering the enclosure. By covering the enclosure the top layer of soil...
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    It's Linda's Birthday!

    Happy birthday
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    Can you identify this tortoise?

    He looks cold .
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    I need some wisdom on my tortoise.

    I wouldn't trim the beak . Start feeding her on a paving Stone . As she eats it will trim itself .
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    I need some wisdom on my tortoise.

    Your tortiose needs to be outside in a heated box. I have three large sulcatas and they eat anything and everything put in front of them . As for the shyness my female is the same way . If you get near her food she will try to ram you . My males are more out going . Here's how I keep my sulcatas...
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    Happy Birthday, Noel!!!

    Happy birthday
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    Introducing Adonis the Sulcata