Have a Small (Small) Farm, parent to a 2 1/2 year old Leopard Tort, an inherited Gulf Coast Box Turtle, 2 Chinese Brown Geese, 8 Various Hens, 1 Dapper Rooster, 3 Male Muscovy Ducks, 1 Female Khaki Campbell Duck, another One eyed Female mixed duck. 5 Rescued Dogs (One, a One eyed Beagle). Have had Goats & Sheep in the past.
Oh, and I must not for get my other kids....3 Macaws (one of which is a Hyacinth) 5 Cockatoo's, and a
Red-crowned Amazon, and a fight less Pigeon who I had rescued with a shattered wing. I grow some of my own Fruits, Veggie's & Herbs in my garden, and give Egg's & Veggie's away to my friends & neighbors.
July 16
Location (City and/or State)
El Sobrante, CA.
Retired Senior Maintenance Technician @ a Sewage Treatment Plant / Farm Girl



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