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    Newbies and Sulcata tortoises...

    I,too, try to get the word out on FB. I think most just dismiss it but I do get some private messages from some people asking questions and I have helped a few people set up their closed top chambers. My husbands best friend is who we got all the wrong info from when we bought our hatchling...
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    How to stop sulcata tortoise from pyramiding?

    @maggie3fan Thank you! I’m very proud of his shell! Daily soaks has been a commitment 😉
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    How to stop sulcata tortoise from pyramiding?

    I made this one if you don’t want to buy one. It’s worked out very well. Lined it with plastic, use fine orchid bark mixed with coco coir, one end basking, one end CHE and ambient light in middle. I don’t use a UVB bulb since my tort goes out everyday. Lights mount easily from inside roof...
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    New Owner Show-and-Tell!

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    Panacur dose

    I put mine on newspaper and dewormed with panacur every two weeks for six weeks. My dog vet tested the fecal and prescribed the oral meds that I mixed with Mazuri. You can usually get the Panacur at a feed store, too.
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    Am I doing it right?

    I love the extra scutes!! Cute little guy!!😍
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    Help baby sulcata pyramiding????

    Read the caresheet if you haven’t already. Mine looked like that when I got him. It will smooth out as he grows if he is raised in the right environment. You really need a larger closed chamber for him. They need areas of different temps which you can’t achieve in a small tank. You should have a...
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    Help! Are these ridges on a baby Sulcata Normal?

    Partial enclosure won’t get it. The heat and humidity will escape out the open end. I understand what you’re going through. I was in the same boat a year ago as many others. I was told everything I was doing was wrong too. You just gotta bite the bullet and build or buy a closed chamber. It...
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    Tort doesn’t feel good

    I just wanted to thank everyone that offered advice and took the time to send good vibes and and help last week. I’m happy to report my little guy is back to normal!
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    Tort doesn’t feel good

    Ok. Thank you for this information . It’s looking like I won’t need to take him after all but I like to be educated!😉
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    Tort doesn’t feel good

    Like the jugular vein? Do they sedate them for that?
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    Tort doesn’t feel good

    I tried. He didn’t move. Lol. He’s acting so timid with every sudden move. He did actually expel a lot of cloudy urine with some urates which was shaped like a plug like that may have been stuck. They were creamy though. Not dry at all. He did eat some cactus and hibiscus today. Not a lot but a...
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    Tort doesn’t feel good

    Thank you so much! He actually ate some hibiscus and alittle bit of cactus. I think he’s slowly making progress. I think I just panicked. It’s not a money thing taking him to the vet. It’s the stress on him ( or her).