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    Redfoot spots on neck

    we do have confirmed cases from thailand and one from the uk so sadly it is possible.
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    Redfoot spots on neck

    hmm those dont quite look the same. i cant be sure. keep an eye on them and i recc for now at least to be sure to keep separated and use good bio security practices i.e. either gloves to handle or use an ammonia based soap to wash between handling. ajax dish soap is a decent one. some of the...
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    Redfoot spots on neck

    we do have a 100% confirmed case in a red foot now via necropsy of austwickia. these *could* be the same thing. hard to say from those pics. if its this bacteria this is how it works one day they dont have the bumps the next you see them. the only way to 100% know for sure is to have the spots...
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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    just remember this remains contagious. and can be spread to others and other wildlife. please remember to keep that in mind. it sounds like you are taking precautions but i have seen this spread many MONTHS later. the issue you will have is can you ever move them outside? i def do not in any way...
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    Skin issue on my little sully?

    i responded to them on facebook. could i have some possible up close shots where the skin is nice and dry. this could be simply the skin got injured right where the split is above the neck or its possible it could be the bacteria. also can you take pics for me over the next few days if this is...
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    Sulcata eye problem

    i dont think this is austwickia i see where in the smaller pic in the first post it may have been suspect. to me it looked more like they prob scratched the eye. i am still a small bit suspect of that one bump in that pic. just keep an eye on them in case you do end up seeing any type of bumps...
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    Possible yellow spot?

    that almost looks more like some type of fungus. but its very possible it could be the bacteria as it causes necrosis from the inside out
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    yellow bumps pcr test results are back

    in testing there is NO one antibiotic that was able to fully treat this. im told it could take a combo of 3-4 and even then its only a chance and prob will not fully "cure" this. sometimes in treatment it gets better symptom wise but will recur in weeks or months. none of the treated animals are...
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    yellow bumps pcr test results are back

    i had thought i posted this here but for some reason i must have forgot to here is a necropsy report so you can see how invasive and bad this can be. note the "happy hides" watermarks, we are happy hides rescue and we did watermark this because we have tons of time and money involved and are...
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    Terra-Cotta Water Dishes

    if the water temp exceeds 175deg then you can sanitize them. steam generally is not enough with terra cotta though as you need it to penetrate deeper into the material. lowes has very large like 2ft thick plastic water dishes in the garden dept we tend to use here for drinking water. and terra...
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    Can you convert a regular humidifier into a reptile fogger?

    we use a heated fogger where needed but its one i built and not readily available. but you do not want COLD moist air.
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    How much veggies to give 5 month old sulcata? And what to feed him?

    almost no veggies at all. as said above they eat grass and weeds primarily. i think someone linked you to the care sheet here that will tell you basically all you need.
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    6 month old tort motionless

    we are here in florida (sarasota county) if you have any questions. very sorry for your loss. as tom explained dont think this was your fault.
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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    underground had the most cases of this we have noted more then a dozen just fyi. its so hard to buy any animal today. you just dont know what you will get unless you personally know and have a good rapport with someone. with me for example once people know me they know i will NEVER recc or send...
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    Is this that dreaded, vile yellow bump issue?

    i agree this needs to be halted the issue is the breeders that may be responsible do not nor did they seem to care when approached about it and this will not stop them from breeding this year.