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    Need advice - dwarf female redfoot starting to dig and lay

    Thank you for your response! She's about half the physical size of her nest mate but she is now heavy and healthy. The one who is digging and who laid the soft-shelled egg is about 9 pounds, the nest mate is nearly 12 pounds, but is about 11-13" SCL, whereas my little dwarf is around 8" SCL, but...
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    Need advice - dwarf female redfoot starting to dig and lay

    Hi All: Does anybody have experience with a very small-bodied tortoise - mine is likely characterized as a "dwarf" in the vet medicine profession, due to early trauma and illness, so she just hasn't grown as large as others her age. She is very likely around 7 years old now, and has laid one...
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    Prescribed drug called Telazol?

    Thank you so much for this response- I posted late, and let the Vet go ahead and use it, and it worked out GREAT!!! I have a very, very small 4-year old+ redfoot that has dwarfism and was nearly dead when I brought him to live with me. His veins are so tiny, and he's been so very traumatized...
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    Prescribed drug called Telazol?

    Has anybody ever had a reptile vet administer Telazol to your tortoise? If so, would you please respond and let me know how it went, why it was given, if there were side effects, etc, etc? Thank you in advance! Karen
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    Ear Abscesses in Redfoots

    Hey Yvonne: That must be Mr. Carl Sagan. He's a friend's tortoise that we now keep sometimes when they are out of town- I love him dearly. He's WC from the 1970's in Paraguay, when a bunch of hatchlings were rescued and brought to the States due to huge deforestation of their habitat for...
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    Ear Abscesses

    Yes! one drop per day of copaiba oil (pure essential oil) diluted with a couple of drops of pure mineral oil, or liquid organic coconut oil- which is my preference over mineral oil due to the antibiotic/antifungal properties of coconut oil, will heal the abcess without lancing it. Also- the...
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    Hi Gus! You have tortoises?

    Hi Gus! You have tortoises?
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    Comment by 'Mantissa3' in media 'Timmie - YF'

    so beautiful
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    ?Liver failure (green urine)

    I just had another bout of the mucous-ey green pee with my little redfoot, so I contacted a research vet and started reading more veterinary medical articles. There seems to be consensus that this green mucous-ey urine in tortoises is called "biliverdinuria" and indicates a large amount of bile...
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    ?Liver failure (green urine)

    Bile for tortoises and turtles is not yellow- it is called biliverdin and has a normal green pigment for chelonians and pond turtles...
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    Aldabraman- Cindy, JD's wife is trying to get in touch with you. He's in the intensive care unit. Has she been able to get you today? Write me here if you want her email address, ok? He's asking for his friends to keep a good throught during this ordeal they are going through...
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    Comment by 'Mantissa3' in media 'Just Need Some Plants and Ect'

    Shouldn't it be lined with plastic so the wood doesn't produce mold and/or sap? I was told to never use bare wood to hold substrate without lining it first with pond liner, so that the glue in the plywood doesn't hurt them, and so the wood doesn't get dry rot, have urine soak into it over...
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    Comment by 'Mantissa3' in media 'Baby Gi6i'

    LOL! Yes, but I cannot believe how much he's growing alreayd- he is going through a growth phase where he is getting longer... Next I'm sure he'll bulk out and get rounder, and so on and so on. I'm so fascinated by their growth patterns. Gib's my heart.
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    Comment by 'Mantissa3' in media 'Baby Gi6i'

    Thank you! He's my little sweetheart, and my buddy!
  15. Baby Gi6i

    Baby Gi6i

    Summer 2016