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    Damaged beak

    Do you think she's in pain and do you think her bottom jaw look lopsided and she might have trouble closing her mouth.She went straight to bed so havnt seen her eat.Can I update you tomorrow. Thanks for your advice
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    Damaged beak

    These are some pics, their screen shot from my sons phones so hope their okay quality
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    Damaged beak

    I will take one tomorrow as she's in bed.Thanks
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    Damaged beak

    Hi .I took my tortoise to a reputable exotic vet today to check an RI.When he was checking her he managed to take a Hugh chunk off her beak..He shrugged it off like oh it will grow devastated.
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    Should you have two starve days

    I feed mine twice each day.Morning and late afternoon but only as much as they can eat in about 25 minuted
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    Russian not eating or opening eyes

    Wee tort is so lucky to have you.Hope it improves.Mine was like that and I bathed it every morning in critical care formula but also had to get an injection of antibiotics twice .That formula available at vet who give me it when he give her the antibiotics and also available on amazon.Took a...