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    Good scale for weighing?

    Hey all, I've been lurking through the forum for a while now for research and often see everyone weighing their tortoises and turtles. I was wondering what are good scales to use for this. Like are you guys out here using postal scales or kitchen scales? I also know some tortoises and turtles...
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    Tortoise and Hedgehog

    Look at tool shelves for like garages. DeWalt has some on amazon that a coworker of mine uses for her aquariums and reptile set ups.
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    UV Bulbs vs Basking Bulbs???

    Okay Yea, I think I've seen a few comments saying like 65 watt flood lights will work. I'm actually planning the set up for an Ornate Box Turtle so I'm really just researching and double checking stuff right now. Do all wide dome light fixtures have a ceramic base or will they specifically say...
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    UV Bulbs vs Basking Bulbs???

    From what I'm understanding the compact or coil UV bulbs cause problems because they emit a harsher form of light than what a basking bulb would? So a basking bulb wouldn't cause those issues as it's main purpose is to make one area a essentially "warming" station to help tortoises go about...
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    UV Bulbs vs Basking Bulbs???

    I'm a little confused on the use of Basking bulbs. I know that UV bulbs can actually damage a tortoise's eyes, so wouldn't a basking bulb do the same things? Would someone please explain this to me, I'm just having a difficult time wrapping my head around it. Also do tortoises need both a CHE...
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    Heard TortSupport on etsy is a good source and they have some in stock.
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    Suitable Tortoise Enclosure

    Do you know what kind of tortoise he? That would help us give you a min size and maybe some suggestions to help.
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    What are your opinions on this hide?

    I've seen the bins used and know they can keep humidity inside never thought to try and decorate or make sculpt onto them. I'll have to give it a try!
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    What are your opinions on this hide?

    I was thinking of doing that or even using my dremel to remove the threshold all together. My main concern was if it would be big enough, as much as I like it aesthetically I'd rather a turtle actually have enough room inside. It'd be for an ornate box turtle so I know I could use it for at...
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    What are your opinions on this hide?

    I've seen this hide at work and really like the look on it was wondering if it would make a good hide for a box turtle. The deminisons listed on the product are probably the inner dimensions as in person it's about 12x12x10...
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    Good Snails?

    Yes nerite snails. Sorry I'm dyslexic and always call them nitrate by accident (how I read it the first time so it stays in my head) I'll start looking into ramshorn snails then, appreciate the help!
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    Good Snails?

    Hey all, I've been doing research into getting an Ornate box turtle and heard snails can be very good sources of calcium for tortoises and turtles. I was wondering if nitrate snails were a good choice, and if they were where would be a good place to get clean ones. I work at a franchise pet...
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    Christmas Tree Totes

    I've seen a few people on here ask questions about Iris totes and saw they were on sale for 7$ on Walmart's website but only available for pickup at certain stores. But then I found these totes on Target's site and wanted to share in case someone was looking for some...
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    Advice when looking for a breeder

    Hello, I've been looking into caring for tortoise and turtles for a while now, and I finally decieded that I think an Ornate Box Turtle would be perfect for me. And even though it'll probably be another year or so before I get one. I wanted to ask for any advice people have for finding a...