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    How hot is too hot (sidewalk temp)?

    I swear i once saw an adult 3 toed boxie diagonally crossing an asphalt road when it was 95 out and full sun. No telling how hot that road was.
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    Hey, Loohan - Happy Birthday!!!

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    Opium Poppy

    I have read that all parts of the plant contain opium. It is something to be wary of in a yard previously owned by others. I once rented a room in a house that had such plants growing out back. But this stuff looks almost like kale or something.
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    Evil people put Turtles in suitcase

    Red eared sliders?!! Worth smuggling?
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    Should I let my box turtle hibernate??

    Hmmm. Well, my larger one SNOOZES most of the time when he's like this.
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    Should I let my box turtle hibernate??

    I wonder... Is a box turtle behaving like that necessarily "wanting to brumate"? Might it not derive some benefit similar to those associated with brumation merely by slowing down and fasting? And meditating deeply on matters of cosmic importance? Without the risks of brumation? Would it not...
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    Pleaseee help Torty!!!! (cracked beak)

    Make sure the food is too small for him to choke on.
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    Strange insect party; multiple species

    Any entomologists aboard? This is the base of a white oak with some poison ivy, etc. For days i have been noticing all these bugs swarming noisily around this spot: yellow hornets plus bald-faced hornets, houseflies, horseflies, butterflies, and some smaller flies or something. I have no idea...
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    Oil filled heater safety.

    I would set the heater stat only a bit hotter than the external stat. Then if the latter fails and is always-on, the temp will only go up a few degrees, and you are likely to notice that if you monitor,
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    big wild lizard, Portugal

    A friend in Portugal saw this guy which he says was a meter long. He says they call them Sardao:
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    Fast growing trees .com

    To be fair, they DID send a 29.95 "gift card" which is supposedly good for 1 year that i can credit toward anything they sell. But it seems their prices start at 29.95 plus shipping, and there is nothing i crave to plant now on their site. But i've got a year to mull it over.
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    Fast growing trees .com

    Just be sure no bad pesticides have been used on the lawn or trees. When i was a tree trimmer in Austin, red mulberries were one of the trees that would tend to sprout up everywhere and need to be cut down. Some people would plant "seedless" (male) ones because otherwise the berries would...
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    Fast growing trees .com

    I have to take back what i said. I do not recommend them. The persimmon is doing fine. I waited until end of Feb to plant it. The "Siberian" pomegranate died down to the ground despite a mild winter. I had paid $12 for a 1-yr warranty, so i requested a refund using their form, submitted photos...
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    Whats wrong with my rose of Sharon?

    Depends on how your native soil is! If it's reasonably friable and has decent organic matter you might get away with that, but then mulch it with something good. I have terrible mountaintop clay with sandstone, so i dug up an area (meaning, i pulled out the large rocks to make a hole) and worked...