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    Feedback on tortoise enclosure expansion

    Thank you, this is super helpful! I have seen your enclosure before, and I absolutely love the fall decorations! I am sure your tortoise loves the home! Mine is closed top, so I don’t think I’ll need a third light. I am trying to be careful with the temperatures, and have been adjusting...
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    Feedback on tortoise enclosure expansion

    I do have some fertilizer that I believe is tortoise safe, so I will probably do that! I also just got a grow light, so I’m hoping that will work well.
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    Feedback on tortoise enclosure expansion

    Okay, thanks! Your plants look great!
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    Feedback on tortoise enclosure expansion

    Do you have recommendations for how to get it to grow well?
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    Feedback on tortoise enclosure expansion

    I just opened up my enclosure for my 5 month old eastern Herman's Tommen (closed top). It's a 6x3, and I am going to add more cover. I got some spider plant, and I have some pothos coming too. I put in two heat lamps, since the enclosure is longer, but I noticed on here, most enclosures...
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    Tortoise Feet

    Here are two of my favorites! Tywin (the Russian) was just chilling there with his feet out, butt up for a bit!
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    Did this get posted yet?

    I had to look this up more, turns out it an artist's work from instagram. The tortoise video was set in the avenger campus at Disneyland! But I bet someone here would be able to train their tortoises to do that anyway :p
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    Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 8.16.57 AM.png

    He's grumpy because he didn't get more radicchio
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    Misinformation that needs to be countered:

    So you're looking for sources that say... living animals don't need water? Lol, this is why I am not on facebook.
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    New Member

    Welcome! I live in Berkeley too! I got a Russian and a hermanni tortoise. This forum has been a great resource, you definitely came to the right place. There is lots of good reading from very experienced tortoise keepers.
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    Just got this little guy today!

    Photo from one month ago exactly, and a photo from today! It’s crazy how fast he’s growing!
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    Do Russian Tortoises Cause Diseases ?

    From a microbiology perspective, all poop contains living organisms. Human and tortoise waste both have a large variety or microorganisms, including E. coli and salmonella. So does the soil. There’s a lot of information on the human gut microbiome, and I would assume tortoises are pretty...
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    186 year old tortoise Jonathan

    Not sure if anyone here has seen this, but Jonathan is apparently the oldest known tortoise alive. This article is making the rounds on social media, calling him a "gay" tortoise because he tries to mate with a 30 year old male tortoise. I am thinking this is another clear cut example of human...
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    russian tortoise

    I ordered several bags on their website, and got an additional 20% off for using same day delivery, with no shipping charges. Not sure how that works, but I’m happy.
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    Shell rot or squiggly lines?

    I was for the first week and a half. I definitely went overboard at first before letting up a bit, but that's why I was worried about shell rot. For the past week or two, the substrate should be fine now / just damp.