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    Anyone use the plastic totes long-term?

    Hi, everyone. I know there are a bunch of threads on here about plastic totes. My Hermanns is 4 years old and he is in a wooden 4x4 enclosure, which is WAY too small. I would love an 8x3 enclosure built out of wood, but I was also wondering: has anyone done the DIY connected plastic totes for...
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    Cut the quick, now what?

    Hello. I accidentally cut the quick on my Hermanns nail. Obviously won't ever trim his nails again. The bleeding stopped almost instantly, just a drop and it was over. However, I put some antibacterial ointment on the nail just in case. How many days will this take to heal? How do I know if it's...
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    Plants for hiding: suggestions?

    Hello, all. What plants are good for a wooden tortoise enclosure? My Hermann needs plants to hide under because his wooden hide has become too much of a hazard (he is amorous with it and often flips backward). I have a brown thumb so preferably something that can handle the lights and infrequent...
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    Tips on a new habitat: should I go wood or plastic?

    Hi, everyone! My Hermann loves his wooden habitat but unfortunately the wood was not sealed properly and I'm new to tort owning so, you guessed it, mold started growing on the bottom of the enclosure. I have seen some people post DIY tort enclosures that are sandboxes or sterilite plastic tubs...
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    Hermann ingested something???

    Yes there were fire ants near where he was at that time! Wow, we never even thought about the possibility of a bug. Since we got back from the vet, there is no mucus and he's breathing normally, no wheezing. Should I not bother giving him the other shots? I don't want to give him an antibiotic...
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    Hermann ingested something???

    I also soak him everyday in warm water for about 10-20 minutes.
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    Hermann ingested something???

    His warm side is 87 degrees and his cool side is 72 degrees. Humidity is at 56 percent. Substrate is fir bark.
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    Hermann ingested something???

    Hello. I had my Hermann outside. As far as I could see, there was nothing but grass, weeds, dirt, and maybe sand underneath him. He was doing fine but then, all of a sudden, started wheezing and coughing and mucus was coming out of his mouth and nose. Thick white/brown, then finally clear...
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    Questions about MBD

    Hi, guys! This is my 2 year old Hermann. I took him in because the school I was working for wasn't properly caring for him. I took him to an exotic vet (not necessarily a herpetologist, though). She said his pyramiding is not life-threatening, but I thought I'd share pics and ask what you all...
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    Hello! Need some advice for a Hermann......

    Thank you so much!!!
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    Hello! Need some advice for a Hermann......

    Hi. I have a Hermann who was given to me with little instructions. He is 2 years old, he seems quite healthy except for a little pyramiding. However, I am trying to replace his UV lamp because the vet told me to change it out every six months. This poor Hermann is housed in a 40 gallon glass...