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    Can they eat this/ new tort area

    Thank you I will try that
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    Can they eat this/ new tort area

    Thanks for the reply I did not see it in the tortoise table. Maybe some one will recognize it and give me a name.
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    Can they eat this/ new tort area

    I think I am finally done with the wall and the demoing moving dirt creating roads. This is the area my babies will end up with in a year. Now to start the planting. They will have a cherry, apricot, and many pomegranates to hid under for shade, already existing. We are going to box this area...
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    Walking on pavement

    Beautiful tort and I totally am jealous of you lawn...
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    New babies!!!

    Aww they are so adorable, take lots of pics they get big fast.
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    Is there such thing as a Sulcata being outside too long?

    I totally understand that. Mine listen for me to come downstairs then sit in their food dish scratching at the glass until I fill it up. They have me trained very well. Before coffee feed tortoise's
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    My new baby

    Oh my goodness... The size difference is incredible, wow. I think that's the firsts time I have seen a baby and daddy together. So excited for when I get to watch my boulders walking in the yard. Very cute, thanks for sharing.
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    Update on Chomper

    Just adorable
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    New pics!!!!

    Way to cute. I think my son has a remote control truck wonder if my torts would like to go for a ride.
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    Cooper update.

    Hope you and your ex step daughter feel better soon. Glad to hear Cooper is doing well. Positive thinking going your way.
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    Day at the zoo!

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    New Sulcata with damaged shell from dog bite

    Welcome, what a lucky little tort to have found have started the first step to making him healthy by coming to this forum I have learned so much here in the few months I have been a member. He is a little cutie.
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    Baby sexing , lets guess

    Quick ? What age can you start to tell the sex?
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    Dexters shell

    Beautiful tort, but I have a question. What do you have hanging in the background? Is that a herb thingie or for tortoise food. I have a huge bunny problem and am very interested in what you have done.
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    Shelby's new pool

    Yes please share... I have a bunch of hiding places for my babies but took out the fake plants because I thought I read it was bad for them?