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    Hermann Tortoise aggression

    Tortoise brains do not work the way human brains work. Tortoises live very solitary lives in the wild. They occasionally come across another tortoise, and if it's the same gender, they battle for the territory and then leave. If they are opposite genders, they mate and then immediately after...
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    Newly rescued Horsefield in the UK needs help and advice

    Post pictures, top, bottom, make sure we can see the tail, side view, and straight on. People here love a good "ID this tort".
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    Cherryhead doesn't eat or poop

    And try to offer food right after the soak. Many tortoises like to eat right after. Kind of like they're refilling, since they just peed and pooped everything out.
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    Baby tortoise we’re not sure what’s wrong PLEASE HELP

    You did everything you could for little Peggy. In her brief life, she was able to experience nature like a real tort, but safely. And that's only because you went above and beyond what many people would have done. You can take comfort in the fact that you did everything that could be done for...
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    Three Toed Box Male with bloody liquid in shell

    Brit, please keep us updated on how your little one does. I know antibiotics can be hard on them, but I'm hoping for as quick and pain free a recovery as is possible. What is his name?
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    A little advice on a a russian i just rescued

    When I get frustrated with how stubborn Kronk is, I try to remind myself of how long his life span is and how old he probably is (he's wild caught, so there's no way to be sure). Tortoise time just runs slower. So while it feels like I'm giving him PLENTY OF TIME, come on guy, it's been weeks...
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    Need help. Tortoise will not eat.

    If you have a nearby college, you could try taking come of the bugs there. A professor of entomology or even a more broad subject like some kind of biology/zoology, etc may be ably to identify them if no one on here can. How many legs do they have? @Pastel Tortie @zovick any idea if these...
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    Accidental Leopard tortoise momma and have questions! Lol

    Right! especially such a beauty!
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    What should I do with this one?

    If no one ends up claiming him, tortoises make wonderful pets. Or even if you do find his family, you may have fallen so in love by that time that you end up finding one of your very own :)
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    Facebook groups suck

    And even if the person arguing ignores everything you've said, there's a chance someone else may be reading the whole thing thinking "I dunno, this TFO place sounds like it's at least worth checking out..." And that's tortoise lives improved, thanks to you!
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    Facebook groups suck

    This. Exactly.
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    Need help. Tortoise will not eat.

    When I hurt bad, I sometimes can't eat anything for days. Good point.
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    Three Toed Box Male with bloody liquid in shell

    I'd still mention it. Even if it's been a while. Better for the vet to have extra info that he can just say "oh no, it was xx months ago? that's too long to play a part in this," than run the risk that it could and he didn't have that information. Just what I would do if it were my animal.
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    A little advice on a a russian i just rescued

    It's not uncommon for torts to stop eating for 5-7 days just because you changed their habitat around. That on top of the new foods, don't be surprised he's being stubborn. Mix in only like 10% new food, 90% old food. Then bump it to 20% once he's eating consistently. And just keep going from...
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    Three Toed Box Male with bloody liquid in shell

    Make sure you mention to the vet that the tortoise lives with Russians (that's what I thought I read in your other post). Some things that are not dangerous to one species can be very dangerous to another, which is why we generally do not recommend housing multiple species together. I'm not sure...