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    Mine came! I gave them to Kronk for his birthday 😁
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    Cherryhead doesn't eat or poop

    I'm so sorry for your loss, @Tortisedonk7 I wish you health for your other baby, and peace now for the one who's gone.
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    Check this out

    It looked good before, but with those center caps, she's ready for any show!! And to the gentleman who did that... It's nice knowing there are still good, caring people out and about in this world. We see and hear far too many stories about the jerks. It's nice to share stories about the nice...
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    Help! My tortoise has a runny nose, is whistling all the time, and is scratching his face!!!!

    I wouldn't do that. The reason is, it's incredibly easy for a tort (or even a human for that matter) to aspirate. What that means is, you take some of the fluid into your lungs. Especially with an upper respiratory infection already in progress, that could be deadly.
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    Can you identify my subspecies?

    I didn't mean to make it sound like only males are aggressive. Just that since Khan in a male, that's the perspective I focused on. Females are absolutely capable of being bullies and should not be housed in pairs either.
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    Help! My tortoise has a runny nose, is whistling all the time, and is scratching his face!!!!

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I can tell how much you care about him. Sometimes once an infection begins, antibiotics are necessary. His body may just not be strong enough to fight it off on its own, even if you are doing all the right things to help. @zovick
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    Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!

    I'm the same way. I'm in my 30's now and I still get carded to buy wine. My sister is 7 and a half years younger than me, and she wears a lot more makeup and has always dressed more "grownup" than I do, so she used to love saying she could pass for the older sister. I would always say "Just wait...
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    Can you identify my subspecies?

    I had the same thought when we got Kronk, but it isn't just males. They just don't do well in pairs. Groups can sometimes work, if it's one male and 3 or more females, but even then it sometimes doesn't. Much like your tort's namesake, they view their counter parts as nothing more than...
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    Can you identify my subspecies?

    That was my first thought! Great name! Russian torts are incredibly territorial and he will patrol his territory endlessly :)
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    Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!

    Happy birthday Daniel! :)
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    Taking 2 year Hermann's out for walks

    They really are designed to blend in, tortoises are prey animals after all. So you would be amazed at how quickly they can disappear if you take your eyes off for just one moment. What my husband and I did, is we got Kronk a leash. We bought one supposedly made for small tortoises, but it didn't...
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    Hello! New Russian Tort Momma :)

    Try searching "multilevel enclosure" "split level enclosure" "double decker" different things like that. Take what Minority said into account, but people have made all kinds of things work, you can too if you're willing to get creative. And welcome to the forum!
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    Lord Zuko

    What I think you're talking about is his spine. That line that you can kind of trace going straight down the middle that indents a little is his spine, it's perfectly normal. It may stay indented a little or it may smooth out with the rest of the carapace. He's still kinda coming into his own shape.
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    New Tortoise Owner

    Welcome! Russian tortoises are wonderful, adventurous, scrappy little guys! I have one who I love very much. Try to follow that care sheet Karen posted and your little one will grow up happy and healthy :)