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    Well congratulations! You have all the confirmation you need now 😂. Just wait until you see the whole thing o_O I have a 2 year old Hermann’s tortoise who found his boy parts in January. I soak him everyday and every single day, without fail he flashes his bits.
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    That is your tortoises penis. Is he able to retract it or is it stuck outside of his tail? If he can put it back in, everything is ok. It’s very common for them to show off their parts while being soaked.
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    What about age

    In Canada the big box stores sell baby tortoises. I actually have never seen a juvenile or adult tortoise for sale in any pet shop I’ve been to in Canada. It would be helpful to also post pictures of when you first got Charlie too. Post some good clear photos of Charlies shell and another of...
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    100 yr old Desert Tortoise yard question

    Welcome to the forum! I just loved reading about Grandpa. It’s special to know he really is part of your family and has been for such a long time. Would you mind sharing some pictures of him? We mostly get to see pictures on baby tortoises, so I would LOVE to see Grandpa.
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    Best birthday geift ever

    WOW they’re gorgeous 😍 Congrats and happy belated birthday!
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    There are no words

    This is just gut wrenching. Literally makes me sick to my stomach. I hope they catch these monsters who did this. This link below has a video interview with Jerry as well as some security camera video...
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    Lap dog? How about a lap tortoise?

    Awww that’s so sweet. When you have a pet who doesn’t have any facial expressions or a way to communicate with you, it’s moments like this that are so heart warming. Thanks for sharing this!
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    What is the best material for Redfoot tortoise enclosure?

    I agree with the others, that expanded PVC is the way to go. It’s so nice to not have to worry about using chemicals to protect wood and a relief to not have to worry about rot and mould.
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    Enclosure Advice

    Adding some plants (tort safe and chemical free) would help with humidity. Your tortoise will appreciate the extra hiding places and sight barriers too. I’d also recommend using reptibark (aka fir bark) on top of the coco coir. If you pour warm water on the coir, the humidity won’t escape as...
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    14 Minutes of Adventure, Drama, and Suspense!

    He’s an adventurous little bugger!! 🥰 I was glad to see he was able to right himself after doing the cartwheel. 🙃 Thanks for sharing this.
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    Topsoil is frowned upon because you can’t be sure of what’s in it. It could have decomposed plants or other matter that is toxic to tortoises. You could continue using the coco coir and put a nice layer of fine grade orchid bark on top. Orchid bark/fir bark/reptibark are all the same bark...
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    CUTIE!! 🥰
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    Tonka’s Tortoise Taj Mahal completed!

    This looks incredible!! I can’t even imagine how much work this would have been, especially with digging to get the tin 2 feet underground. You did an awesome job! I especially love the door with the little beware of tortoise plaque and lights on either side. This is one lucky tortoise. He’s...
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    Tortoise 'pond' ideas!

    What a find! That’s awesome. Your grass is so green and plush 😍 Is it artificial?
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    What a beauty! How old is Timmy?