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    New Baby Excitement

    Thank you, I appreciate inputs!
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    Comment by 'Koopas KC' in media 'Baby Just Arrived'

    I don't know, it seems that the more I know, the more I need to learn.
  3. Baby Just Arrived

    Baby Just Arrived

    Eastern Box Turtle hatchling within minutes of arrival.
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    New Baby Excitement

    Our new Eastern Box Turtle hatchling arrived yesterday, healthy and bright eyed. We (mostly me) are happy with the experience. I soaked him first in a sunny area for 30 minutes. I introduced him to his home for now, a 106 Qt storage bin with coconut fiber and a small amount of cypress for his...
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    Where should I buy a new tortoise from?

    I too am actively educating myself in preparing for another baby. I had decided that I want an Eastern Box Turtle. I contemplated a 3-toed Box Turtle but decided not to go with that species. For the last couple of weeks I have become interested in a Russian Tortoise or a Hermann's Tortoise. My...
  6. A Shower

    A Shower

    Tamale, Ornate Wood Turtle, is hanging out under the shower of water. Sometimes known as the Painted Wood Turtle.
  7. Enjoying a snack

    Enjoying a snack

    Koopa, Eastern Box Turtle, is enjoying a snack of mealworms
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    Weigh day!

    They're beautiful!
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    Mine is an Eastern Box Turtle.

    Mine is an Eastern Box Turtle.
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    Salutations from a newbie

    First I'd like to let you know that the diversity and the knowledge on here is comforting. I registered here a couple of hours ago and on another forum yesterday. I live in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. I bought a hatchling Eastern Box Turtle in November 2016 and my son brought me a juvenile...