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    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Great Job buddy!!
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    2019 hatchlings

    Hopefully in March/April 2020
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    2019 hatchlings

    Thanks all, Kind a been busy with moving. 2019 Laying season is well underway all single egg clutches thus far. Now to break diapause!!! This species is notoriously Challenging to incubate!!
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    Geomydea Japonica

    Above is one of my favorite Turtles. . Any other keepers? Please share your experience with this species.
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    Geomydea Japonica

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    Hatching SA Leopard Eggs

    I think the data logger information from Toms will give us some valuable information, very interesting stuff!!
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    Finding and maintaining pure Sri Lankan bloodlines

    Hello, we are awaiting information from Uve Fritz from Germany for DNA data of the Giant (30+ lb ) animal that was discovered recently. I do not have an update yet, but I shall contact Dr Anslem De Silva and come back with the latest information and findings.
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    Aldabra or Galapagos.. Anyone?

    No Galap there , light colored neck Testudo!!
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    Sri Lanka Star Tortoise male or female

    Looks to me that this animal can use some hydration. Most of my 3” animals are around 200-250 grams. I would think some daily soakings and humid conditions would help tremendously.
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    2019 hatchlings

    hatched 2 thus far in 2019 !!
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    Successful Hatching of C. angulata - Sterantino / CAWG

    Yes !!!! Awesome Dan!!
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    Incubation profile for P. planicauda

    This is one group 2:2 of adults , I do have some eggs incubating at this time. They for sure are not the easiest to break diapause, keeping my fingers crossed!!
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    Hello , just checking in to see how your Spyder tortoise is doing.

    Hello , just checking in to see how your Spyder tortoise is doing.