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    Smoke exposure

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    Pros and cons of using rubber "wood chips" as substrate inside indoor enclosures?

    rubber does dry rot...ask anyone with campers or cars in storage,it cracks and becomes unstable
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    Gopher tortoise grazing

    Oh yeah,I usually kinda swing a cabbage palm stem ,about 4 foot,swing and tap the ground in front of me. Kinda like a blind person does with the white cane,No disrespect implied . I wear cowboy boots around the yard,and spent big bucks on snake boots I wear when I am going thru a lot of brush or...
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    Free Sulcata to a good home

    Im looking for one,I am in Florida,I am currently building a pen for a sulcata that I am hoping to get from a rescue. Trying to make the pen very large. The catch is I have never had a tortoise. I have found some of the gopher tortoise on my property but they are wild and not mine .I've been...
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    What type of tortoise do I have?

    So how did it go? Did you love having the tortoise house guest?
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    Gopher tortoise grazing

    I moved here from Syracuse NY....lots of lake effect......I dont miss snow ,not one little I ordered 50 lbs of pasture mix from Peaceful valley ,and i ordered African Grazer ,and broadleaf testudo mix from Tortoise supply I hope the gopher likes it , and what ever guy I end up with...
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    Prescribed Fire Affects diurnal Vertebrate use of Gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) burrows

    Its funny you would post this today,yesterday I was on my way to Dunnellon and they were burning the Goethe State first thought was OMG ,the animals,where will they go......and the poor Tortoise...if they burn everything....that means the food is least for a while
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    Gopher tortoise grazing

    Doing great,sunny and 70's got cold for a few nights ,I covered my plants,but it didnt go below 38 here,other places got frost and and a few went below freezing for a few hours....I am close to the ocean.....not on the island close ,but as the bird flys about 2 miles,5 miles by...
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    2 tortoise day....

    Are they different from the Florida native tortoise? Or same but have evolved to survive in a different habitat?
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    Gopher tortoise grazing

    didnt even think of the mineral /salt blocks.....good idea
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    Gopher tortoise grazing

    I just started giving the deer corn....hoping they'll leave some grass for the tortoise,and to draw them away from the tortoise home
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    2 tortoise day....

    What kind are they...just desert tortoise? What do they eat?
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    Gopher tortoise grazing

    What type of grasses/plants can I plant /seed in a part of my property so the gopher tortoise would have more food to graze on...the soil is a lot of bare sand,lots of oak,with areas of pine too.....I mowed the tall sparse grass,hoping it threw seeds and to force new tender growth for grazing...
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    Sick Galapagos Tortoise

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    2 tortoise day....

    I saw my first Gopher Tortoise on my property today. He saw me walking and he ran as fast as he could to slide down his tunnel....I have 7 or 8 tortoise dens on my property,most seem abandoned...I knew his was still being used because I can see sand had been thrown out and the slide marks going...