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    Is this ok for sulcata?

    Hello, Sorry to ask on your thread but I was wondering if this type of bark is okay for my Sulcata. It’s orchid bark, it seems kind of big but I’ve read so many good things about it for baby Sulcatas substrates.
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    What size CHE for 10 gallon tank?

    Thanks for your fast reply. I will look into buying a thermostat on amazon. As far as housing, you mentioned it’s glass. Are they not supposed to be in glass? I’m new to this and really want to give my tort a good life but outdoor housing is not an option at the moment so it will have to be...
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    What size CHE for 10 gallon tank?

    Hello, I just bought a Sulcata and I have it in a 10 gallon tank. Small since the Sulcata is small, for now, it’s apparently 30 days old. I was looking into this Che infrared heater so I won’t stress the tortoise out by having the heating lamp light beaming down on it all day. So my question is...