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    new to tortoises

    Be careful. I started with one tortoise as a Christmas present for my son. He is grown and moved out a long time ago now, and I have close to 20 tortoises of 3 species. :):tort::<3::tort::<3::)
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    What to feed baby tortoise Here is a complete care guide with diet info.
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    Frustrated Horsefield!

    Welcome to the teenage years. LOL It seems to be seasonal for most torts. Make sure he has plenty of space to roam.
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    Found Sulcata - Immediate Care Advice, please :)

    Right!!! A male leopard preferably.
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    Is This a Mature Female Russian?

    I wouldn't breed her, if she is a she, until over 6 inches. The next year or 2 will tell you for sure.
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    Need help - soft shell

    Where did you get them from?
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    Something wrong with my sulcata?

    Yes, it sounds like he is sick. A vet visit would be a good idea, if you are able. If not, I would increase temps, and ensure with reliable equipment (digital thermometers, temp gun, and thermostats) that the temp is never below 85F in the coldest corner. Humidity is also important, and can be...
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    Something wrong with my sulcata?

    Walking around in your house is dangerous. I suspect a raspatory infection, so the cold floor is not going to be beneficial. Colored lights are often problematic. I would switch that out for a ceramic heat emitter.
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    Please help (closed eyes)

    I agree with zero, but would put in a small household light for light. I would not leave the tub dark. Anything but a coil bulb.
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    Please help (closed eyes)

    Most of this sounds good. I know little about LLLReptiles stock, so will not speak to that, but I do have a couple of questions. What are your night temps? What are you using for basking area, and night heat? Looks like a CHE hanging inside? That kind of a setup, what I do is use substrate 4-6...
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    Something wrong with my sulcata?

    That is a very cute enclosure. I love all the decorations. The gauges you are using though are not very accurate. A digital thermometer/hydrometer with a probe will give you much more reliable info. Do you use a temp gun to get the basking area temp? They work really well, and allow you to...
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    Enclosure for juvenile leopards

    I have a bunch of different enclosure pics on my FB page, SpokaneValleyTortoises. I keep them in a closed system until they stop growing fast. Usually 8-12 inches.
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    Something wrong with my sulcata?

    It is not normal. Can you give us a lot more information please, so we can help. Please post pics of your enclosure. What are your temps, hot side, cool side, basking and night low? What is his diet?
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    Can Russian tortoise eat hibiscus

    Yep, a favorite.
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    Is my leopard ill

    I rescued a leopard several years ago. She was egg-bound, had broken some of the eggs trying to pass them, and had uncalcified eggs as well. She was very active, distressed, and constipated. I found some broken eggs, and identified in her soak water what appeared to be egg contents. I took her...