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    Craigslist repost small torts, wi
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    Craigslist sulcata for sale

    Hope they found her a good home. Didn't think she would last long at that price.
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    Craigslist sulcata for sale
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    Praying mantis

    Lol. That is one of the overpopulated bugs I was hoping a mantis might like:0)
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    Praying mantis

    The tortoise is about 7 in. Thank you for the reply. I am not as worried about Sid eating the mantis as I am about the mantis hurting Sid so if there is no harm for Sid I think I am going to give it a try. I find Sid to be pretty mild, almost think he is a I have tried to...
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    Praying mantis

    Just wondering if anyone has housed a praying mantis with a tortoise? I have a red foot in a 4 x 8 enclosed pen and wondering if I could introduce a mantis in there to help with bug control. I also have two hermit crabs in the pen. Are they poisonous to the tortoise or will they bite and...
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    Long Time No See

    Marty, great pics. You always have great pics :)
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    Need mainly a woman's opinions but others are welcome

    It sounds like you don't want a committed relationship anyway so what would the difference be if she says no? Fiind out what kind of things interest her (during your conversations ask lots of questions... and then LISTEN) If there is an event coming up (it is fair season) let her know you...
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    Arbys Tortoises Commercial

    I have seen this commercial a few times and that was my thought too... glad to hear them say tortoise and not turtle... lol
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    question for snake lovers

    I had my son pick him up with a shovel and carry him out to the gravel pit where there are lots of rock piles and things for him to live in but 2 days later he was back in the barn going toward my rabbit. When I moved the rabbit to my other garage I found the snake going that way. I HATE...
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    question for snake lovers

    Just wondering if I need to worry about a 3-4ft Pine snake eating my dutch rabbit. And if anyone lives near the Green Bay area and would like a Pine snake - PLEASE COME AND TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!
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    Very Sad, big loss for me

    Terry, I am so sorry for your loss. I have seen pictures of your garden and know how well you care for your turtles, so I know she had an awesome 33 yrs.
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    My first Tort is here!

    "He" is beautiful! Congratulations and good luck.
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    anyone know what kind of plant this is?

    It is a perennial that I received years ago from a friend and grows extremely well in our soil. It grows in small bunches, has green foilage and gets yellow flowers in the spring. Wondering if it is a safe plant for torts.
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    My Redfoot Enclosure

    wow, it is awesome. I wish I could build something nice for mine outside but since the weather is only warm enough for about 3-4 mo (and this year maybe only 3-4 wks... lol... I spent most of my time on the indoor enclosure. Not as big as yours that is for sure :0) and I am finding plants do...