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    I may start taking to many pics

    Never have too many pics! That white is coming in nice. Beautiful tort!
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    My Greek Babies!

    Oli Is sure beautiful. I'm curious too. I know Randy has both northern and southern. I knew he was working with you Chris. You always have nice specines. One day I might have the pleasure of getting on your lists. But its nice to know that Aaron has a seperate line
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    My Greek Babies!

    I'd love to see pics of Oli
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    My Greek Babies!

    I hope you find all the answers you are looking for. I love to see pic of other greek babies! I do not feed my tortoises eggs. I follow Joesmum's advice. grasses, leafy greens. I add optuna cactus occasionally, and I dust their food with repical. I always keep a tortoise block or cuttle bone in...
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    My Greek Babies!

    They are beautiful!
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    How much does your leopard weigh and how old?

    Mine is about the same size as yours and is a year old. Its babcocki. Reading through this wondering if @elholi has babcocki or PP. 8 month old at 250g. My yearling is 180g. Maybe I am doing something wrong.....
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    They call Somalian Pardalis

    Those are HUGE Leopards! so pretty. I'd love to see the one you got back. I'm never disappointed seeing others leopards.
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    My Greek Babies!

    Yes beautiful torts! I do believe my youngest came out of the same as yours. About the same hatch dates. The two I got from Aaron where holdbacks he had. 14 months and 6 months. When I told him I got my lil one from randy I was under the impression his two where different lines. Not many in the...
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    My Greek Babies!

    I got my youngest from Randy this year. Then I found another guy Mr. Daniels for the other two.
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    My Greek Babies!

    I just want to share my new babies. I have 3 Moroccan Greek, all three different hatches from 2 different people. They are all growing well, eating well.
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    Mineral or coconut oil applied to shells?

    your baby is beautiful.
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    Enclosure vents?

    Love your enclosure. would like to know more about your build. do the vents allow you to keep the humidity still high? That was one downfall I've heard about vents.
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    Small gnats infestation.

    I was having a problem with little gnats as well, and as I know they weren't harmful persay, they were rather irritating. I hung a fly strip up by my light and it seemed to control the number buzzing around. I only did this cause I started finding them buzzing in my kitchen, and around my live...
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    Show us your Leopards!

    Morla is about a year old now. She weighs 180g. I feel this is light for her. Other torts are much larger. Is this growth ok? She won't eat Mazuri, either type. Cecil is 8 months. Weighs 140g. Doesn't eat as much as I think he should, been adding Mazuri to his diet to hopefully help. He has...
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    They call Somalian Pardalis

    You have a very beautiful tortoise. Since you are in Indonesia you seem to be at an advantage to get these two different types that we can't get in the USA. I am Very interested in seeing you tort grow, and the beauty it becomes. If you have other pics to share of the face, underside and...