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    Delta having morning breakfast.
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    This is Delta good unisex name. Tuckered out after eating.
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    Hatchling light wattage

    Heres what I bought they don't have lids for them. Saw them being used by breeders ect. For the price it really had the space. I had planned on using a hide box with sphagnum moss. I figured giving them the option to seek out higher humidity they may want would work. That not a good idea? I just...
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    Hatchling light wattage

    Thank you for all the information! I'm from Versailles Indiana lol.
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    Hatchling light wattage

    Im sure it's been asked many times sorry. I just joined this thread trying to find my way around on here. I'm to get my hatchling late July or early August a few weeks after hatching. I am doing a 50 gallon rubbermaid it will have a wire custom grate over the top for the lights to sit on...