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    New red foot owner

    Pretty one though
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    Hot sunlight, no. Outside yes, but qualified with a proper enclosure.
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    Hi from Louisiana

    Hi! Glad you are here.
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    New red foot owner

    Hi and welcome! Looks a bit young to tell gender
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    Chat thread 5.21

    *peaks around the room*
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    My new Russian tortoise

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    Hello TF!

    Glad you are here!
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    Oregon Greetings c:

    Hello! *waves* what is your dream job?
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    Today is "A."s Birthday!!

    Have yourself a special day.
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    Tortoise pooped small rock during soak

    In the blurry picture and on my phone, it almost looks more like a urate. You couldn't smush the "rock"?
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    I have some questions

    Chopper certainly looks big enough to live outside in a safe enclosure during warm weather. Is that aquarium the current home? P.S. welcome!
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    Weed Identification

    Cat like huh? *squirts him with a water bottle*
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    Tortoise pooped small rock during soak

    If it were mine, I'd just keep watching like you have been, but not be going into a panic.
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    Weed Identification

    Dang ya beat me!
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    Tortoise pooped small rock during soak

    You are sure it's a rock? Otherwise acting and eating normal? I was given a sulcata who for months would every so often pass rocks and what appeared to be asphalt, but never noticed the urine being different.