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    Tortoise beauty ! ;)

    Very beautiful indeed!
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    I DID IT, HA! (maybe)

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    Cacti Anyone?

    My RF's love it.
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    plugging older hovabator to digital thermostat

    Before I invested any more money trying to make this setup work,I'd invest in a Reptobator. Good proportional unit. I have 4 running right now.They have been in continuous use for the last three years and I have had great hatch rates with them.
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    1...2...3...Days New

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    First hatchling of the season

    The eggs are pretty much round,as are the hatchlings.I've had a few that come out a little whopsided,but they straighten out in a few days.
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    First hatchling of the season

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    First hatchling of the season

    Really pleased with the variety and amount of colors on this little one.
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    Savannah Cat

    A lot like a housecat in some ways,but he still has a pretty wide wild streak.Unusual habits,almost doglike. He'll play fetch for as long as you want to. Walks on a leash like a dog.Very affectionate and playful.
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    Savannah Cat

    I've been working a lot lately.He is just hitting the growth spurt stage.
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    Savannah Cat

    This is my buddy,Cyrus. He's a savannah cat, a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat.These pictures are at 16 weeks.
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    Baby Galap ....

    Very nice,JD! I'm green with envy!
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    My tortoise flipped over

    I just righted an old male redfoot who was on his back in the enclosure,about 5 minutes ago.. I actually lost one of my best breeders last summer due to being upside down in the hot sun. I'm assuming another one is turning them over,as there is nothing for them to climb on.
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    Incubator questions!

    I have good results with the Reptibator.