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    Need help identifying a tortoise?

    Testudo Marginata Sarda
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    "best" first tortoise?

    My 5" female margie is very shy. :( I wouldn't recommend any hibernating species.
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    Can someone tell me if my 4 month old’s shell looks good?

    Nails and screws? Are you serious? Just mix it with coir and moisture it to get the proper and controllable humidity level.
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    When Is It Table Time?

    I believe that all tortoises smaller than 4" should be kept as babies with humid hides, often soaking, etc. The half-grown 6" margie is a young adult one and it can live in a less humid environment.
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    Is our new Margie slightly pyramided? or is this normal?

    Margies have triangular spots on the plastron and one stripe mark on the tail. Getting older they develop a skirt. Old females have flexing plastron. Greek tortoises have spurs. Hermanns have spur tails and yellow cheeks (western subspecies).
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    Can someone tell me if my 4 month old’s shell looks good?

    Lol. Tortoises live on the ground but not on the bark chips. Topsoil is a much more natural substrate. An open-top setup is not suitable for margies because they live in a quite humid climate. They want a dry substrate and humid air. A wet chamber is a must.
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    When Is It Table Time?

    A closed chamber is much better for baby margie than an open-top table. You can put some stickers (a grass) on the front glass of the chamber to make a visual barrier.
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    Plants for enclosure

    I like spider plants and a Boston fern. Too dry environment for the baby marginata. These tortoises live in places with dry soil but the air humidity jumps up to 80%. It is critical for your baby.
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    Is Aesop Male or Female?

    I see a flat plastron and a short tail that doesn't reach the hind leg. Definitely, you've got a female. Here is my female's tail.
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    Night heating

    My marginated tortoise spent last winter at 19-20C. I believe it is a minimum acceptable temperature if you don't want to hibernate it. If you will go below that temperature, your tortoise will fall asleep every single day. It is quite stressful.