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    Help!!!! I just noticed a HUGE ant pile in my tortoise enclosure. I keep her in a flowerbed and the ants built a hive right against the brick wall on her side. I want to use ant poison so she can get back outdoors, she hates it inside. Does anyone have safer methods for dealing with ants? If...
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    Found: Stinkpot Turtle

    I don't know and don't want to assume if it is wild or not, which is why I'm asking. I get a red eared slider that often escapes from my neighbors pond. A lot of people in my neighborhood have ponds and I would hate to release unless no one responds. In the event I do not get a response, I...
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    Found: Stinkpot Turtle

    I found a Stinkpot/Musk turtle on my lawn. If someone has lost a turtle in the greater New Orleans area please contact me and provide a description to be reunited with owner.
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    Scarlet the Redfoot Tortoise took 1st place in today's 4-H Competition! I can't figure out how...

    Scarlet the Redfoot Tortoise took 1st place in today's 4-H Competition! I can't figure out how to post pictures :-(
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    Free Leopard Tortoise

    I don't know what you're looking for, I have been a member for a few years so i'm a little confused about that. Additionally, I have a Redfoot and an African tortoise and a whole lot of land for them to roam, enough for them to have separate spaces and we're in Chalmette. I do believe that you...
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    Free Leopard Tortoise

    I'm in Chalmette and would love to take in!
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    Is croaking normal?

    Hello, Today my redfoot seems happy and she made a sound, it is similar to a frogs croaking, is this normal? She is eating well, soaking regularly and seems happy and healthy. Her humidity is not quite at tropical. I have not had her long and and hope this is a happy noise that I don't have...
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    3 toes hybrid

    As long as she has a good home!
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    3 toes hybrid

    I'm located right outside of New Orleans (Chalmette)
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    Need to re-home my Hermanns

    Let me know if it does not work out, I would love to take him. I am in the New Orleans area
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    Turtle Source + Turtle Shack Customer Experiences

    I contacted the turtle source with a question, they have yet to reply and it has been several weeks. I guess they do not want to make a sale.
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    Barry Lambert - Spectrum Reptiles Barry Lambert was indicted for tortoise smuggling; its probably best to look for a breeder who engages in legal activities
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    Juvenile YF to good home.

    Do you still have him? I'm just outside of New Orleans
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    Female Redfoot - Juvenile

    I would love to adopt a redfoot, preferrably a juvenile female. Are there any vendors in the southern Louisiana area?
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    I'm nesting!

    Hi, Y'all! I want to get a Redfoot or Hermann's and it was pointed out that there is a Repticon in June. This gives me time to get everything that I will need together. I have never had a tortoise before; I am looking for suggestions on the items I should acquire in order to prepare a...