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    What types of tortoises do you own? Favorites?

    I like all your tortoise stories and pictures
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    My yearling Ginger just passed

    wow, that is rough. Especially for her to show no signs of illness ahead of time to give you some preparation time in case she died. I have had similar experiences too and it is rough. Hopefully you will find some heart to get another tortoise when you are ready and it will do well for you. Best...
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    Our new baby Galapagos tortoises

    How wonderful they are. We had very friendly Aldabras even as they were younger, interesting that some of you didn't. Congratulations on your beautiful babies, keep us posted on their growth
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    Another dead one

    Oh so sorry Maggie, that is so sad. I know you will miss her.
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    My deepest condolences to Jerry Fife

    It was so sad to see this happen. What a terrible thing. I hope they catch the guys that did it and they get some real punishment.
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    Advice on lost tortoise

    so glad your neighbor found him, what a relief.
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    Help in species identification, please.

    definitely a three toed box turtle.....olive shell little bits of color on legs, three toes in back, looks to be aged too. Good luck with them and welcome to the forum.
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    Best Turtles for 22,000 gallon Pond in Northern Virginia

    We have a one acre natural pond on our property and there are a lot of different turtles in it, red ears, sliders, painted, mud and snappers are a few. find out what is native to your area and stock it with those.
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    First baby!!!

    That is so awesome, can't wait for the new baby and pics.
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    I cant tell if my new buddy is CB or WC

    I agree that he looks old enough to be wild caught. The captive breds tend to be small babies, not almost adult or adult. I got a WC too and it just took him a few days to get used to the new habitat before he would eat, but he is still wary of me when I try to touch him. I am taking it real...
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    My New Tortoise Trio!

    hi and welcome to the forum, sounds like you have some nice torts to take care of. Sorry for your loss of the first one. I hope these three do well for you.
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    Need help Hermonn tortoise .

    so sorry about your loss and for your children's loss.
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    Rescue Hingeback, Deirdre

    good luck with her, it sounds like you are a great, caring home.
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    RIP Grumpyface

    Oh how sorry I am for your loss. I lost a really nice turtle to a heater overheating a year ago. It is really a sad thing. Especially since you thought you were just doing the right thing.
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    Newbie Here! Needing Identification & Advice

    I agree with the Eastern Box turtle. Food suggestions already given are good, they like strawberries too if they are fussy. Worms are great. Good luck with the little guy.