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    All the Tort Q’s

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    Moving Homes with Tortoise

    What you can do with your tortoise is take a medium-large storage bin, put some of his substrate on the bottom of the bin so he can smell himself to reduce the stress. Next you'll want to grab something for him to hide under, a towel, or a wooden hide, he doesn't need too much room to move...
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    All the Tort Q’s

    Hello and welcome to the fourm! your setup looks fantastic I am just curious to know what your humitity is? For growing Russians it should be around 50-60% As for substrate I use repti bark for my Russian and he does great in it, it is also highly recommended for them as it holds good...
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    Tortoise fun in the shower!

    Awe thank you!
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    Tortoise Feet

    Let’s just say, he was turtly ready for bed 😆
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    Tortoise Feet

    You asked for it! 😂
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    I already am on the couch in my comfy pants, ready fo some football! #lazysundayfootball
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    My little 18 year old Felix 💕 Follow us on Pinterest @lifeofthecreep
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    Tortoise fun in the shower!

    GUYS!! I created an amazing way to enrich tortoises and hydrate them at the same time! First I cleaned my shower throughly with apple cider vinegar/ water mix and scrubbed with a dish brush. Then I turned the hand held shower head (because it gets less pressure) and popped my torties in there...
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    May we see photos as well as his set up please to clarify? (;
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    Yes! Exotic vets do normally trim nails at a decent price. So if you have any concerns I would highly recommend just taking him in. As for doing it by yourself, don’t quote me, as I have never done this with my torts, but you DO NOT want to cut to close to the quick. I’ll tag some experts- @Tom...
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    female or male?

    Congrats, its a boy!🚙:tort:
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    Gender reveal on the Hermann’s tortoise?

    This is the tortoise that I have been waiting on a sex id for… what do y’all think? Male or female? She/he has started to show male like characteristics like marching about the enclosure and just being more active in general. What’s the vote? 😂
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    Haha, I’m so sorry! I haven’t been on in a while!! Yes, I have about 6 snails, they are all aquatic… I have one that I have raised sense it was a clear speck, any names suggestions anyone? Lol he’s been with me for about 5 months now!
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    Pulsing in neck

    Of course! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!