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    How Does My Setup Look?

    Welcome to the forum. Oh, Paul is simply gorgeous. God bless him
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    23 year old Male Egyptian Tortoise

    Oh, he is so cute. God bless him.
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    My Tort is a bit big

    A gorgeous tort. God bless. Please give him daily soaks in warm water. And a very warm welcome to both of you.
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    Hello from pa

    A warm welcome to the forum.
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    Watery Eye! Please Help.

    @Yvonne @Tom please help. Thank you, both.
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    My motivation to join this Forum.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Help - Scab/lump/crater in a crease on my Sulcatas neck

    Welcome to the forum, @ToryTort . Apologies: I cannot help you in the issue, as I am not a tort expert. But I can tag experts who will definitely be able to help. @Yvonne G @Tom your help would be appreciated. Thank you both.
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    Baby Greek tortoise

    Please read the "Beginners Thread" and the one on Greek Tortoises, if you haven't already. And welcome to the forum.
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    Diet and Heating

    Welcome to the forum @Golden Greek Tortoise 567 . Please read this thread: and do not forget to post pics of your tort, once he/she gets home.
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    Tortoise was mid hibernation but now seems dead

    Extremely sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.
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    Please help, need advise. (doesn't eat)

    By the way @Ane-Michelle , have you read the thread below? If not, please read it.
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    Please help, need advise. (doesn't eat)

    Hi @Ane-Michelle and welcome to the forum. Don't worry: you will hopefully get the help you need at TFO. Please post a pic of your tort asap, so as to enable the experienced members to help you more. As far as the cats are concerned, please keep in mind that torts are solitary animals and do...
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    Doll collecting forums? I cannot find any!

    Oh, how cute, God bless. Love the pic with gorgeous "monkey" struggling to get out. Oli does that every now and again, don't know why.
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    Need your help and advice (I.D. and care)

    A beautiful turtle. God bless. Love his/her colour. And a warm welcome to the forum to both of you.
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    Just adopted a Leopard and a Russian in Oregon

    Gorgeous. God bless. And a warm welcome to the forum.