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    Question about red eared slider eggs

    This is why, as a veterinary science teacher, I would use the word ovum (ova is plural) for the reproductive cell and egg for the "packaged" ovum.
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    When I worked in a high school animal science program, I also ran into animal scammers on Craig's List. One was for a macaw. We communicated by text. When I asked to see it, they said they had moved to Baltimore. When I wished them good luck, they told me the bird really wanted to live in...
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    A scammer of sulcata tortoise breeder

    Would be interesting to know the number of offspring. The proportions are the statistical probabilities, but not necessarily what occurs at one particular time. The probability for having a boy or a girl is 50:50 (in people- in some reptiles temperature plays a part) . However, some people have...
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    Do you know a good tortoise vet. The mouth issue could be due to scar tissue. There might be something they can do to increase the opening, after the tortoise is in better shape.
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    Ben, they fake a lot of the videos or misrepresent what is in them. They show a picture of cows walking over a barn drainage channel a few inches deep and state that these cows are being forced to live in deep manure pits. Knowing that cows lie down a lot (cud chewing time) and seeing these cows...
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    PETA is not a good group gone bad. The founder put out a book of her philosophy, which is essentially nihilist, as far as humans are concerned, and her organization is basically proselytizing her beliefs.
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    unknown tortoise found in yard

    As a teenager in the 60's in South Texas, I used to treat these tortoises when they were hit by cars. After 6 months to a year they were ready to release. Most were males, which do a lot of wandering looking for females and are therefore crossing more roads. We released them in Welder Wildlife...
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    Need help sexing blue comcentric DBT

    We had a rescued diamondback that we eventually released in Jamaica Bay here. We alternated between fresh and brackish water. They hunt food in salt water, but return periodically to fresh water for drinking, before heading out again.
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    For those who buy hay bales from the feed store, request second cut timothy, which is a lot softer than first cut. First cut has coarser stalks.
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    Desert Tortoise Care Sheet?

    Ah, I see. We were lucky to have that courtyard set-up. You could look out from any part of the house. Besides the gophers, had musk turtles, box turtles, red eared sliders and a few others, as well as a horned lizard. We called that a horney toad- My Mom said," If they were, there would be more...
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    Desert Tortoise Care Sheet?

    This is interesting. When I was a teen in the 1960s I did turtle/tortoise rescue in Texas. Basically I would take Berlanders (Texas gopher) tortoises that were hit by cars, use sulfur (perhaps sulfa) powder from the vet and masking tape (no other tape available back then) and repair their...
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    Heating for stock tank?

    This might be off base, but here in New York City, plenty of Red eared sliders overwinter in Prospect Park and Central Park lakes. Some overwinter in shallow ponds on golf courses.They do well enough to be considered an invasive species here. I am sure there are plenty of them living outside in...