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    Redfoot desperately wants out of enclosure

    So I read the article you linked in your reply, but wouldn’t taking them outside make them still feel like there’s a bigger world out there as well? I’ve read about keep enclosures tall, at least 16 inches above the tortoises shell (depending on sizes) so that way they can’t see out. But mine is...
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    Redfoot desperately wants out of enclosure

    My tort does that when he feels the urge to walk around. Tortoises love to climb things and walk A LOT. Since my tortoise is a little big and indoors, I dont have much space for a big enclosure so he’s only in there to get warm, sleep and poop. The rest of the time he’s wandering my apartment...
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    Broken/Chipped Beak

    Yeah it had some blood but didn’t drip out. It literally happened five minutes after I came home and said hi to him. I went to shower, came back and saw it was broken and I had a mini heart attack [emoji24] poor little guy. I filed down the sharp edges with a soft nail file. He actually sits...
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    Broken/Chipped Beak

    Hello all, my red foot recently broke a piece of his upper beak off and I’m worried about it healing. How long does it take? Should I do wound care so it does not get infected? If so, how often? I’ve been chopping up his food into tiny bite sized pieces and eating does not cause him any...
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    Meet Carl the Red Foot!

    Hi there! My name is Gabby and I have a 10 year old redfoot. I live in New York State but grew up in New Jersey with Carl. I’ve had him since he just hatched when I was 11 years old. He’s a strong boy and loves to climb, knock things over and loves people! He’s my sweet son and I love him so...
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    Hi, new member here! I can’t wait to see this lil redfoot progress and grow!! I have a redfoot of my own, his name is Carl and he’s 10 years old . I wish you all the best with Hope. -Gabby