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    Ceramic tile under basking lamp?

    Hi everyone, I’ve put a ceramic tile underneath my basking lamp, and it is stable at 92F during the day when the light is on. Do you think that this is safe for my 8mo old Hermann’s?
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    UVB & Basking - What Do You Recommend?

    Hi Tom, Hermann’s.
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    UVB & Basking - What Do You Recommend?

    Thank you very much for this! Quick question - I’ve seen that MVBs are drying to a tortoise, but can this be combatted by providing proper soaking and really watching the water situation? I still see tortoise keepers using these.
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    UVB & Basking - What Do You Recommend?

    Hi All, I am in the process of researching and setting up my home for a hatchling that will be arriving in a couple of months. There is so much information available online regarding basking and UVB lighting/heating, and some of it is very contradictory. I will be speaking with the breeder...