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    My Spotted Turtle

    Fall Update: cut some plants back and did a big water change. Added some green pond fabric so he can climb the walls to the surface. Beautiful 26°C in the shade today. This year its unusual warm in Austria :)
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    Happy Birthday, Peggy Sue!!

    Happy birthday :)
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    New Heated Outdoor Enclosure UK (South Coast)

    looks awesome! Fantastic job :)
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    Happy Birthday to Katrina!!

    happy birthday :)
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    Whoo Hoo!!! Happy Birthday, Jacqui!!

    Happy birthday
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    Gonna' Have a Party!!!

    Happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday, LMichaels!

    Happy birthday
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    Today is J.P.'s Birthday!!

    Happy birthday!
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    My Spotted Turtle

    After 10 days of rain its finally sunny again :)
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    Your top 3 most neglected turtle/tortoise in the hobby?

    Here in austria its definitely the Black knobbed map turtle (20 dollars) Florida red-bellied cooter (30 dollars) Common musk turtle (30 dollars) The red eared slider would be number one but they prohibited the selling and breeding cause they are invasive here.
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    Humidity and temp

    I don't know much about tortoises but here i linked for u some caresheets from this site. Thread 'Baby Russian Tortoise care sheet (also for other herbivorous tortoise species)'...
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    Recommended Place To Order Cuttlebone ?

    I buy my cuttlebone locally in the bird section of hardware or pet stores so I can pick nice and big pieces.
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    Happy Birthday, Beasty!

    Happy birthday :)
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    My Spotted Turtle

    Growing and enjoying the sun :)
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    Hello all

    Hello :)