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    Congratulations on your hard work and dedication guys! I know that schools not easy but you're doing fantastic!
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    Sorry for the misspelling it's actually reptmart
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    Bo Fat Fat needs a sister!

    Oh no I appreciate all the advice!!! I'll be prepared. We've always got options especially since the new tort will have to be housed separately until she visits the vet... Of course I am hoping for the best!
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    Bo Fat Fat needs a sister!

    Bos current home is 2 1/2 feet x 7 1/2 feet...
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    Has anyone ordered pets or supplies from them?
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    Bo Fat Fat needs a sister!

    Thanks for the ideas guys!! I just hate to support the pet trade. I keep looking at the reptile rescues I'm sure something will come up eventually!!!
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    What can I feed my russian tortoise

    Ok... Trying out the app and so if the reply does something goofy sorry! Spring mix is A good start... It's weird but lily, my first tort hated all the stuff that My current tort Bo fat fat LOVES. We add in frisee and radicchio to our spring mix as well as hibiscus flowers, dandelion...
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    Bo Fat Fat needs a sister!

    Where oh where are the cb russian females! Oh where oh where can they be?!? I need one about 4-4 1/2 inches so that Bo still feels like queen bee! If only the Portland ME reptile show hadn't gotten canceled... Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Little Bo Skinny Skinny

    Well our tortoise sure is cute...even with her open face! :tort:
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    New Member? Little Bo Fat Fat's co owner...

    Hi, My name is Jessica. I'm Jared's wife, and the "Mom" of Little Bo Fat Fat. Although you've probably seen her, here's a new picture (can't resist)!