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    I may have a problem

    Challenge accepted. I’m at 30 now 😂
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    What kind of parasite it is ?

    found in poop . I doubt it’s a red wriggler consumed by the tortoise
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    I may have a problem

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    What kind of parasite it is ?

    Wtf is this worm? Looks like a piece of thin spaghetti. Found in the poop of a radiata tortoise I bought couple months ago . The shape and texture of the poop looks normal and this tortoise eats like a pig .
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    Baby Red Eared Slider not eating! Need help!

    it is the time of the year when the atmosphere smells like pumpkin spice and newbies posting why their reptile pets stopped eating
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    3-head turtle/turtles

    if its not photoshoped, looks like its/they are a siamese twins within siamese twins. theres a clear line separating the right one and the other 2 on the left dammit, i dont even know if i should use plural or not
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    3-head turtle/turtles

    Saw this/these on social media Not sure if it’s photoshopped . Looks pretty real to me .
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    Tortoise leash and outfits?

    Small Tortoise: tape a balloon Gigantic tortoise : carrot 🥕 on a stick
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    Cuora aurocapitata Babies

    Found this video on tiktok . Another critical endangered species that will be breed in thousands in the near future ;)
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    Cute boxies

    Lol that’s a North American wood .
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    Chlorhexidine question.

    Or use hydro peroxide. It breaks down to H2O and O2 eventually. 100% safe
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    Cute boxies

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    New Rafetus swinhoei individual caught ?

    Just saw this on Facebook That’s definitely a Rafetus swinhoei I can’t find much background story about it , maybe someone here speaks Vietnamese can help digging in ?
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    Desert Tortoise now on California's endangered list

    quite!! the government will soon heading to your house, taking your desert tortoise,"assault rifles", light bulbs and non electric powered cars
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    Spiny turtle care??

    Ok . You live in Jakarta,Indonesia ? If you have a yard , just build an outdoor enclosure . the climate is perfect . look up box turtle outdoor enclosure tutorial videos . But do add more plants , the lusher the better . They like high humidity, warm temperatures but not too hot . attached are...