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    A Dr. of zoology with 30+ years of exp. in herpetology told me I'm doing a great job raising my...

    A Dr. of zoology with 30+ years of exp. in herpetology told me I'm doing a great job raising my tortoises today.
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    possibly largest desert tortoise

    I'm sorry I so deeply offended you. I understand you are very passionate about sulcatas, but you're wasting your time (and mine) by attacking me like that. Please calm down and don't use caps at me. I joined this forum for information and fun. Having people attack me online is decidedly UN-fun...
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    Tucson Herpetological Society, Dr. Taylor Edwards talks about G. evgoodei

    Tucson Herpetological Society 7:15 PM, April 13, 2016 Tucson City Council Ward 3, 1520 E. Grant Rd I hope to see you guys there! :D
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    possibly largest desert tortoise

    Sulcatas are still technically a "desert" tortoise so you aren't wrong in my opinion. ;) He's just from a different desert... lol
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    Gopherus evgoodei

    Sorry for double posting but I have some updates. I went to the herp collection and sadly no one was around to let me in. Drats! However, one of my professors offered to introduce me to him. We're going to meet to talk next week. I'm going to finish reading the article in ZooKeys and one that...
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    Gopherus evgoodei

    It's so exciting! I attend the University of Arizona! I really want to meet this guy and I am planning on raiding the herp collection to see if we have a specimen. If we do I'll be sure to post pics.
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    Gopherus evgoodei "In the hot, humid climate of Sinaloa, Mexico, there is a place where the landscape shifts dramatically. Dense, nestled and inevitably thorny Thornscrub of the north gives way to tropical, deep-green deciduous...
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    Best DT Plants in AZ

    Another great place to look for native plants is Native Seed Search. They have a desert tortoise seed mix as well as a bunch of other seed mixes and separate packs of seeds. They also carry a lot of native grass seeds. From time to time if you visit their retail store they'll even have plants...
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    Question about desert tortoise returning to burrow now, in June.

    For someone who's "not an expert on desert tortoises" you got it exactly right. Give yourself more credit! :) I don't know how hot it's been in California but over here in Arizona we've been having a heat wave with temperatures soaring up to 110F!
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    My new babies

    Oh I can't get over how beautiful their shells are! As for names... Hm. Perhaps names from mythology or literature? I went for Arthurian legend for my little ones. I'm still debating whether or not to adopt a King Arthur someday. :<3:
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    Exciting news? I think...?

    Thanks everyone! :) My life plan was to get an associate degree, work at any old job and do freelance artwork on the side. Sadly, I'm experiencing a lot of joint pain so I'm off to the doctor and I've changed my plans. I've only ever been good at drawing. I've been drawing since I could hold a...
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    Exciting news? I think...?

    Hey everyone! I'm just stopping off to say it's been a while. Merlin and Morgan are still doing great. They finished their first brumation successfully and they're now up and about, wandering around and being cute. Sadly I broke their scale on accident so I need to acquire a new one to measure...
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    I forgot to feed my tortoise!

    No way! The same thing happened to me today! I got so caught up trying to identify a new potential food that I forgot to give them food. Lol! I quickly fixed the situation since it had only been a couple hours, but they weren't too impressed. I never did find out what kind of plant it was...
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    Third time's the charm! Ellen's Amateur Garden thread

    They absolutely love their primrose. :) They've been eating the leaves and the flowers. It's fun trying to go outside just in time to watch them open. I've gotten about 9 flowers so far. Chia and poppy are completely dried up now. I've also got some kind of grass coming in now? Except it started...
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    Mega Diet RF Tortoise Food

    Hi everyone! Long time no speak. So I was looking for information about MegaDiet RF. It sounded too good to be true and I almost ordered it earlier after reading that tortoises who eat MegaDiet don't get pyramiding. As Yvonne pointed out, Mega Diet is Monster Diet, but RF is Zoo Med Grassland...