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    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    Thank you Mark! I went to Golden Pond in Loomis to get some ideas of different possible plants, then felt overwhelmed with choices! :-O I had your list that I wrote down at your house, and they had much of it (except for water hyacinth and water lettuce, which they deemed as "weeds.") :-( I...
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    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    That's why I figured I'd ask here, so it's information that others could share and learn from too. :-) And that's how I feel about reading lots of the other threads about species I don't have. I really do love to learn and soak it all in. :)
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    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    So like topsoil? Is there a brand that is okay? Much of it seems to be made with manure. :-(
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    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    Mark is awesome and always my go to for all turtle (and most tortoise) questions. I feel bad asking him all the time!! LOL. (He is also who I got my spotteds from. ;-) )
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    Substrate in dry area of a Waterland tub for Spotted turtles

    Hello!! I have recently acquired a small Waterland tub for my sub adult spotted turtles, and would like to have a really nice, pretty, naturalistic dry side for them. What substrate would you suggest and why? What plants would you recommend both in the water and on the land? Any other...
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    Best way to lower PH?

    Hi all!! What is the best, most non invasive way to lower the PH level of my turtles' aquarium? I've read about different products and such, but I'm looking for folks' actual experiences. Thank you in advance! :-)
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    Spotted Turtle Love

    Spotted turtles are the bees knees. And Mark has the BEST spotteds and spotted pond EVER. 😊🐢
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    CBW permits in 2020

    Hi Bill, In reviewing the form, it states, "Native Endangered and Threatened Species." Eastern Indigo snakes are indigenous to the US so they would be covered. It doesn't sound like radiateds are. :-( Do you know people who successfully used this for radiateds?
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    Cactus growing

    How big should you let the pads grow to feed them? To younger tortoises? Mine are growing well. :)
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    CBW permits in 2020

    Thank you Bill! It's good to have options. I will check this out! :)
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    CBW permits in 2020

    Thank you both for your brutally honest information. That's what I was hearing too from a good friend who has worked with exotic animals and various tortoises for over 20 years. He said that even accredited zoos aren't able to get them. It just makes no good sense to me. I didn't have the full...
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    CBW permits in 2020

    Hello all, I've heard that these are extra hard to get now, with some very experienced people not getting renewed, and some zoos unable to get their CBW. :-( Is there anyone with experience that could share how someone successfully got one? I know it will take a while (if it's successful.)...
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    TFO Book Club 😉

    That is one of my LEAST favorite books of all time! It is so disturbing. Which, my family points out to me, makes it good.
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    My new Burmese Stars!!

    Here are my new Burmese Stars from Mark! They are already out exploring their environment. The enclosure is from Mark too. What awesome, healthy critters, and these enclosures are the best thing EVER in reptile keeping!
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    My two enclosures from Mark!

    Hello! I wanted to post pictures of the enclosures all set up from Mark. One is for my SA Leopards, and the other is my new Burmese Stars. I CANNOT recommend these enclosures enough!!!