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  1. dorothybaez

    Is it true? (about salmonella)

    Mine seem to like being petted. If I stop, they'll bump my hand to make me keep going.
  2. dorothybaez

    Is it true? (about salmonella)

    I kiss both of mine!
  3. dorothybaez

    Why not to keep 2 tortoises together - a lesson learned the hard way

    We have 2 sulcatas. One, Pinky, that my husband bought and one, Brain (we just *had* to name him that) that was a rescue from a woman who didnt want hers anymore. We've had them both for about 15 years and didn't know when we brought Brain home that they shouldn't be together. They get along...
  4. dorothybaez

    Any success with ramps in enclosures??

    This is my first post, but I just have to say I love your user name! And your Russians' names! My African Spur Thighs are named Pinky and Brain.