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    How many tortoises?

    For where I live now, one is enough. If I ever managed to move somewhere warm all year round I'd probably get as many as I could care for.
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    How's This Tank Guys

    Pond liner is superior over anything else, if you can afford it. Other tipes of lining like shower curtains work great but you have to replace them eventually. Pond liner is indestructible. It lasts forever
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    First trip outside

    He's so cute!
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    Horsfield tortoise growth

    It's pretty common for a tortoise to grow rapidly when it gets better nutrition. If it wasn't taken care of properly before it's normal for the tortoise to use it for growth.
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    What's a good way to prevent a tortoise from seeing out glass

    I just use tape. Any non transparent tipe will work. You could also tape on some paper
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    New UVB light

    Thank you everyone for your kind words of advice.
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    New UVB light

    I'll keep using this. If he shows any signs of not liking it I'll remove it that wery moment and move the fluo tube to the left.
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    New UVB light

    Regarding the LED lighting, "his" behavior hasn't changed a bit in past 5 days. I think that's a good sign. The ligts are white and rated at 6500k.
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    New UVB light

    Thank you everyone. I guess I'll keep the old bulb then. Just in case something happens to the current one.
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    New UVB light

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    I need all the advice I can get (on Russian tortoise care)

    Welcome to the forum. Could you post pictures of your enclosure? It could help everyone around here to help you make any improvements still needed. You sound like a caring person and we all want to help you. You've already received wonderful advice but pictures say a thousand words.
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    What else should I put in my tortoise table?

    I would go for around 4".
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    New enclosure for Mr. T

    That aloe vera plan won't last long
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    Legos helps another.

    Same here
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    Just leave it in the enclosure. Don't get worried if it gets dirty, they like it more when "seasoned". If you're worried about your tort not getting enough calcium you could scrape some onto the food.